VLQ Model


Series VLQ Slide Gates

VL Slide Valves are used where the flow of a bulk solid caused by gravity or transport has to be intercepted. Valves may be fitted to hopper or silo outlets, to the inlets and outlets of mechanical conveyors and to the inlet of telescopic loading spouts.

VL-type Slide Valves consist of a two piece carbon or stainless steel frame, which is partly coated with a unique SINT® engineering polymer composite and a sliding blade manufactured either in the same material or in stainless steel. The use of SINT® engineering polymer considerably increases resistance to abrasion compared to traditional valves.

The special geometry of the Valve and the different options of blade design enable its application in virtually every sector including the food industry.

Deca VL Slide Valves are used to regulate flow in vertically oriented situations where bulk solid flow would be continuous without intervention. Our valves can be installed in a wide variety of locations and come in many optional configurations making them adaptable to almost any application.

Deca slide gates are a great option in any place where you need to shut off the flow of bulk material. They are designed to be easily installed in a variety of positions and locations include bin and silo storage bin outlets, conveyor drops and other material discharge points.

Deca slide valve housings are made with heavy duty steel and strong, polymer coated blades for easy, reliable operation. The slide gate blade can be controlled via a variety of methods including a pneumatic actuator, and, a manual, hand crank system. Our slide gates offer additional flexibility because they come in a variety of materials so each unit can be customized to perform specifically to your material and in your application.

Our sliding valve gates are available in a wide range of sizes suited to just about any flow need. Rest assured that no matter if your material is lumpy, fine, granular, corrosive, explosive or abrasive we have a solution to match your needs. For more information, please call or contact us. One of our knowledgeable material flow experts will able to gather your data and present all the available solutions to you.

Features of Our Slide Valves

  • Easy to handle
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Dust-proof seal lips ensure solid, reliable sealing
  • Coated valve frame. (polymer composite standard others available)
  • Fully enclosed to eliminate pinch points
  • Mounts in any position
  • Efficient sealing against fine powders and dust
  • Material deflector design to reduce wear on seals and rollers
  • Interchangeable actuators: manual, pneumatic, electric gear motor

Beneficial Features

  • Easy-Slide, polymer coated blade is standard.
  • Highly configurable design available in a wide range of materials
  • Designed to reduce parts for easy disassembly during maintenance
  • Compact design featuring integrated pneumatic actuator


  • ATEX-certification
  • Available in different materials

Tips for Selecting a Slide Gate

While it may seem like a simple undertaking, there are a lot of considerations that can and should go into selecting the correct valve for your operation. When you contact our support team we’ll be able to guide you, but the best (and most cost effective) results come when we develop a partnership with our clients during which they provide all the information we need to support them. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you gather all the necessary information we’ll need to provide you with your best solution.

Consider the application: Like any equipment purchase, it’s best to evaluate the parameters of operation in which your new slide valve will work. Here are a few things to consider.

  • The size and shape of your opening
  • The available “stack height” in which to install your valve
  • Existing or required connection or bolt patterns

Select the right valve: There are a number of great options available. Here is a list of items you’ll want to evaluate to select the best one:

  • Is your application pressure or gravity fed?
  • If it’s pressurized does it use dilute or dense phase or vacuum pressure?
  • Is your installation location in or outdoors?
  • What about temperature?
  • Will your equipment be used in a wash-down environment?
  • What material is best in your application?
  • Are material flow aids like vibrators present?

Select the actuation method: There are several available. Consider the following to help you choose the right one.

  • How often will you need to cycle your valve?
  • Will material be preset when the valve closes?
  • Is a power source such as compressed air available?
  • Does actuation speed matter?
  • Will the valve be exposed to extreme temperatures?

Do you need any modifications: In the first step we encouraged you to consider your operating environment. Now it’s time to adapt your equipment to the environment. Here are a few things you should be aware of:

  • Duty cycle demands
  • Abrasive or corrosive requirements and possible chemical interactions
  • Particle size and material characteristics
  • Service and maintenance requirements
  • Regulatory considerations such as food or pharmaceutical needs.

Don’t forget optional equipment: Depending on the manufacturer you choose, you’ll want to evaluate whether or not the available options will provide you with better performance or increased service life.

  • Available control options
  • System integrations and feedback
  • Available safety devices
  • Wear resistant materials, linings or coatings
  • Easy maintenance access points
  • Upgraded seals or bearings for longer life
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Overall Dimensions


VLQ DIM Drawing
A 12.6
B 14.76
C 18.94
D 0.71
E 3.5
N°E 5
Ø F 0.49
Bolts M10
G 35.43
H 4.92
WEIGHT 88.18

Technical Data


Product Attributes






Heavy Duty Blade Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Can also be coated with SINT®MC or SINT®AL (FDA approved)


Valve Body Manufactured in carbon or Stainless Steel and can be coated with SINT®MC or SINT®AL(FDA approved)


Manual or Pneumatic

Power Source



Handwheel (CMG.0150.I), Pneumatic Actuator (CPL.080.150), Connecting plate (KCP.080.1530), Spring Return Solenoid (V5V81), Double Inching Solenoid (V5VV8), Solenoid Coil AC 110 V (BOB11050), 24V AC (BOB02450), 24 V DC (BOB024DC15) , Limit Switch (FNC6), Gear Motor (CRG010A150 I)

General Applications

The special geometry of the VL Slide Valves and the different options of blade design enable their application in virtually all types of powder and processing plants where interception of gravity-fed or pneumatically conveyed dry materials is required. Typical applications are storage, transport and processing lines. They are fitted beneath hoppers, bins, silos, screw conveyors or other type conveyors. Due to their special design and to the engineering polymer materials used, they represent a particularly cost-effective yet most efficient solution.

General Industries


Features & Benefits

  • Dust and granular-proof thanks to special component geometry; Easy integration into the process and easy handling; ATEX certified on request; Time-saving maintenance thanks to interchangeable components; Optimized performance thanks to friction-free contact design (actuator torque is not wasted in order to win friction resistance). Available Size inlet from 150 to 400mm (6 to 16 in), Dust and granular-proof at max. temperature of 80°C (176 F°), Carbon steel frame, SINT® polymer or carbon steel blade, Absence of residue points, Friction-free contact design, Few components, Easy part rep6lacement, Safe sealing with no additional measures due to the all-round dustproof seal lips incorporated in polymer coating

Product Industries

Product Applications