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Tank truck aerators - FDT series

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The FDT is designed to maximize trailer unloading efficiency: the TRAMONTANATM disk fluidizer (patent pending) boosts powder discharge speed. The cam lever lock system allows for safe and correct installation. Self-cleaning manifold design.



  • APPLICATION: dry bulk tank trailer, rail tanker
  • POWDER: dry, fine, granular
  • PROBLEM SOLVING: bridging and rat-holing
  • DUTY CYCLE: Continuous (suitable to be used with blower)
  • WORKING PRESSURE: From 0.7 bar to 2 bar (from 10 psi to 29 psi)
  • PNEUMATIC CIRCUIT: Suitable standard pneumatic bulk trailer, works with all standard designs.
  • WORKING TEMPERATURE: From -40C to 170C (from -40 F to 340 F).
  • TECHNOLOGY: Vibro-aeration.
  • MATERIAL: Blue silicone membrane – metal detectable, comply with FDA 177.2600 , Stem – Black polyarylamide glass-fiber reinforced comply with 10/2011/EC – FDA – UL94 , Manifold – Black polyarylamide glass-fiber reinforced comply with 10/2011/EC – FDA – UL94 , Manifold – Transparent material comply with ISO 10993 – FDA 21 CFR 177.1655 – NSF 51 – UL94 , Lever and T-handle – Black polyarylamide glass-fiber reinforced / Stainless steel thread shaft Silicone gasket
  • OPTIONS: Cam Lever- Shaft material: AISI304, Hopper Saver Plate- Stainless steel, Silicone membrane- white colour


Durable disk Acceptable Higher durability due to thicker profile
in high wear areas
Stainless steel post Optional Standard
Manifold & stem Fibre-reinforced grey
High performance,
FDA and UL94 engineering polymer compound
Max. temperature 340°F (170°C)
(membrane only)
340°F (170°C) – white or blue membrane
(complete unit)


Enhanced air fluidizer No
TRAMONTANATM disk: the Venturi style disk cavity
of the VBT boosts air flow in the direction of the
discharge reducing load-out time
Compact manifold No Reduced turbulence, increased usable air flow,
self cleaning manifold design – Zero powder deposit
Easy fit inlets No Increased air flow (by reducing tube bends)
Dual seal technology No Yes


Smooth disk outer wall No Smooth disk outer wall to avoid material sticking to
its surface, thus increasing product flow
Easy installation Good Best
Clamping system T-handle T-handle as standard – CAM Lever Lock System
(Optional) for safe, quick and correct installation
Food-grade Option Standard
Metal detectable disk No Standard
Interchangeability Limited Yes
Backflow protection Yes Yes


Loadout speed* Good 25% faster than closest competitor

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Item #
Air Pressure (Max)
General Applications
Specific Applications
Works best for any dry, Fine, granular Powders
Pneumatic Dry Bulk Tank Trailers, Rail Tankers
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