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Material Handling Solutions

When your business needs total material handling solutions, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. has you covered.

Beyond the many quality products available from Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., an added advantage is more than 40 years of problem-solving expertise gained from working on a wide range of material handling and industrial applications.

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Our Products

At Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., we offer a wide range of material handling solutions serving dozens of industries around the world. Explore our products below:

Bulk Materials

For more than 40 years, Deca has been analyzing and remedying material handling problems across a wide range of:

  • Substances
  • Industries
  • Application environments

Understanding the characteristics of each helps us deliver the best overall technology for your application. The following are the types of bulk materials Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. can help with:

Fine Powders

Deca delivers multiple ways to keep fine dry powders free-flowing throughout your operations. Each solution can be tailored to fight the typical problems encountered with such powdered materials, including:

  • Bridging
  • Arching
  • Rat holing
  • Clinging
  • Compaction

High-frequency, low-amplitude vibration typical in rotary electric and pneumatic vibrators agitates fine dry powders to keep them flowing freely. Low-frequency, high-amplitude pneumatic or electric impactors and hammers can clear virtually every spec of clinging powder from bin and hopper walls. This is especially helpful for applications such as transfer hoppers or weigh-batch hoppers where it is important to release the full measured contents.

Material flow aids and bulk material handling aids, such as Deca BA Series bin activators, vibrating bin aerators and the Deca Air-Slide Flow Aid system, enable you to vibrate the material instead of the vessel holding or to aerate materials clinging to the walls, helping them flow freely.

Pneumatic Whips, the Cardox CO2 gas expansion system and the Deca Air-Slide Flow Aid System offer multiple solutions to remediate heavy compaction of fine powders and other materials within large silos or hoppers.

Coarse/Angular Grandules

The more coarse the material, the greater the likelihood of needing higher amplitude vibration to break up clogs, prevent them from re-forming and keep the material flowing. 

Adjustable eccentric weights in rotary electric vibrators, adjustable air pressures in rotary pneumatic vibrators and regulation of flow rates in hydraulic vibrators are all ways that Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. gives you the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements. You can start initially with the minimal amplitude/frequency required and then ramp up as conditions become more problematic.

Sticky Materials

Some consistently sticky materials, such as sugar, adhesives and pharmaceutical excipients, always demand special handling considerations. Others, such as organic/hygroscopic materials, can become more of an issue as they absorb moisture due to atmospheric humidity or condensation triggered by heating and cooling cycles. Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. offers multiple units to deal with either condition.

Variable force, frequency and amplitude adjustments available in various of our vibrator models allow you to fine-tune vibration profiles according to the substances or environmental conditions in your material handling applications.

Pneumatic material flow aids, such as vibrating bin aerators, fluidizing pads and fluidization nozzles, deliver aeration at key locations to break up the adhesion, bridging or clogging of such materials within bins, hoppers, silos and conveyors.

Deca also offers multiple ways to remediate already clogged bins, silos and hoppers from the outside of the vessel. Each offers a quicker, easier and safer way to relieve clogs, with minimal costly downtime and without requiring workers to enter the vessel.

Concrete and Refractory Materials

Our solutions can also help you create desirable compaction to improve product quality in concrete casting applications and in refractory molds for foundry casting applications. Based on the application and the nature of the materials to be compacted, vibratory forces can be applied in linear, elliptical or rotary patterns. These abilities help eliminate air from wet concrete and condense aggregates for consistent high-quality pre-stressed or cast concrete production. They also ensure solid compaction of refractory materials for consistent quality in foundry casting applications.

Based on the application and the nature of material difffernt vibratory forces can be applied.

Industries and Applications

Gain the advantage of years of Deca hands-on experience solving bulk material handling problems across virtually every industry classification and product application. Explore the following industries that can benefit from the material handling products available from Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc.:

  • Agriculture: Our products come in handy for a wide range of agricultural and farming applications, including handling feed materials, fertilizers, grains and produce.
  • Bulk transportation: Turn to us for handling powdery, granular or hygroscopic materials in railcar offloading and bulk truck offloading applications.
  • Cement plants: When moving raw materials and finished products to and from storage, throughout the plant, and all the way to final bagging operations, our products can streamline processes for cement plants.
  • Chemicals: A perk of utilizing our products is taking advantage of specialty vibrators and equipment designed to tolerate a wide range of compositions, including aluminum hydroxide, borax, calcium chloride, chlorine powder, citric acid, potassium permanganate or sulfur. 
  • Concrete production: Our products are useful for concrete production applications, including material handling of raw ingredients, compaction of pre-stressed or complex pre-cast concrete castings with or without synchronous motor vibrators, as well as immersion concrete vibrators for pre-cast construction, flatwork, roads, bridges, columns and more.
  • Electronics productions and testing: Meet demands for precise vibration profiles in prototype stress and durability testing. Identify loose or faulty components, poor electrical bonds or solder joints for QC qualification of finished products and simulate transportation handling in order to test final packaging with Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc.
  • Food processing: Our product line is useful for handling baking powder, cereal, cocoa, coffee, cookie dough, cracker meal, raw food products, salt, sugar, dehydrated food products, grains and other similar products.
  • Foundry operations: We can assist with various foundry operations applications, including the transport of foundry sands, compaction of production molds and shakeout of finished molded products.
  • Industrial processing and production: Turn to Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. products for the handling of adhesives, carbon, detergents, fly ash, gypsum, plastics, powdered paints, resins, toner and other raw materials, as well as conveying, feeding, sorting or screening small finished metal parts and plastic parts.
  • Mining and minerals: We have the products needed to efficiently handle metal ores, including aluminum, copper, lead and zinc, plus other materials ranging from aggregates, cement, clay and coal to fly ash, gypsum, kaolin, limestone, phosphates, all types of sands, soda ash and zinc.
  • Packaging operations: Our lineup will help with a wide range of packaging applications, including conveying and dispensing powdery, granular or sticky materials and irregularly shaped products and components from storage, as well as de-aerating liquids or settling and compacting dry products for packaging and shipping efficiency. These can range from powdered, dehydrated and frozen foods to plastic powders, resins, and pellets, to sand, fiberglass, ceramics, powdered metals and small metal or plastic parts.
  • Pharmaceutical production: We have the tools and products used to handle materials in pharmaceutical production applications, including pharmaceutical excipients, oxides, phosphates and starches.
  • Refractory applications: The products from Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. can assist with various refractory applications and tools, including kilns, crucibles, ovens, incinerators, reactors, furnaces and molds for casting glass and metals.

Custom Vibration Solutions

At Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., we offer custom vibration solutions that are built for your application’s unique specs. Our team will work closely with you to solve any of your business’s material handling issues and drive efficiency with high-quality machines designed to last.

We also offer custom material flow solutions to supercharge your processing applications with equipment built specifically for your company’s distinctive needs.

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When you need reliable, effective material handling and industrial vibration equipment for your business, turn to Deca Vibration Industries, Inc. We have more than 40 years of problem-solving expertise and can help businesses in a wide range of industries find the solutions they need to supercharge their efficiency and take their operations to the next level.

We specialize in industrial vibration solutions that are built specifically for your specs to ensure you get equipment tailored to your requirements and industry standards.

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