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Bulk Material Flow Aids

Flow aids and aerators are installed within material hoppers, silos, bins and chutes and are responsible for continuous discharge and dosage to downstream areas of a facility’s processing system. These devices are also integral parts of dry bulk material storage in keeping optimal tank conditions for mixes in other situations.

Whether you need a replacement component for your equipment or a customized setup, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. manufactures top-quality material processing solutions. Our flow aid lineup incorporates vibro-aeration technologies and durable construction to serve industries such as mineral and chemical processing, concrete, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals and foods.


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Air-Slide Flow-Aid System – A Cut Above the Rest

Experience the ultimate solution to your material flow solution! Our Air-Slide Flow-Aid is built to keep material moving without any severe backups.

This Air-Slide Flow-Aid system is the best option to keep bulk material handling operations running smoothly. Click below to see how it works.

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Bulk Solids Flow Aid Options From Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc.

We make industrial tools to promote consistent material flow regardless of the environment. Our offerings include:

  • Fluidizing tank truck aerators: Unload trailers with greater efficiency with our patent-pending disk fluidizer and its self-cleaning manifold.
  • Fluidizing disks: We offer our FD Series bin-flow aerators in various robust materials and sizes for several applications, including high-temp and food-grade.
  • Fluidizing pads: FP Aeration Pads enrich powders and dust with air at regular intervals. These air pad bin aerators are particularly ideal for cement and lime mixes.
  • Air-slide flow aids: Our AS Series uses carefully timed air injections to keep denser, tacky and moisture-ridden materials moving optimally and prevent sticking to the container walls.
  • Directional air blasters:Deca Air Blasters introduce intermittent, high-pressure air to aid flow for larger and irregularly shaped materials.

The versatility and low maintenance requirements of our flow equipment provide many advantages, including: 

  • Enhanced efficiency: With technologies to eliminate obstructions and poor flow, like arching, clumping and rat-holing, your system can consistently perform at the desired discharge rate and avoid production slowdowns.
  • Job-specific flow aids: Whether you’re looking for a standard or customized configuration for your system, we have components available for internal and external mounting. Multiple installation options and air pressures provide more flexibility to meet your demands and specifications.
  • Longevity: We’ve built our products from durable materials and engineered their designs for greater performance over longer periods. Our solutions stand up to the rigors of continuous duty applications, outlasting similar items from our competitors.

Why Choose Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc.?

We draw upon over four decades of industry experience to produce the best pneumatic flow aids for each customer and project. Our design experts serve as your consultants, skilled at recommending and selecting the right technologies for your intended application.

Today, plants and industries across the US and on six continents use our work to realize better efficiency at low overhead costs. Performance is assured with every product that’s installed correctly. We guarantee your satisfaction and are available 24 hours a day to offer personable customer service for questions or troubleshooting.

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As a leading designer and manufacturer of tools for plant efficiency, we’ll evaluate your needs and application to provide a solution that supports your goals. Call our team at 855-969-4313 or contact us online today for additional information.

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