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Large Precast Concrete Tables

Equipment Used in Precast Concrete Vibration

Precast concrete forms require different vibration solutions depending on your application.  We’ve built a product line to meet the needs of almost any precast concrete form table.

Here is an overview of the precast concrete vibration equipment we carry:

  • Electric vibrators: The Deca Series FVC, FVF and HS high-frequency concrete vibrators are easy to install and extremely reliable. These innovative units are the ideal concrete vibrators for making flawless concrete large precast tables.
  • Synchronous vibrators: For larger projects, you will want to use synchronous vibrators. With these products, you can run multiple vibrators on the same slab simultaneously while keeping vibrations synchronized within one RPM.
  • Flexible shaft vibrators: Flexible shaft electric concrete vibrators are portable and easy to use for in-shop or on-site concrete form vibration. A flex-shaft vibrator can be used with different heads and is ideal for smaller pours.
  • Pneumatic external roller vibrators: Our external, high-frequency concrete rollers are heavy-duty concrete form vibrators that are durable, efficient and compact. They have adjustable frequencies for targeting different density materials.
  • Pneumatic immersion vibrators: Pneumatic immersion vibrators are convenient concrete consolidation tools that connect directly to an air compressor. They feature a vibrating head and few moving parts, and they deliver excellent results.

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Using Concrete Form Vibrators

Mixed concrete contains up to 20% air. If you want to get the best results and avoid imperfections, you’ll need to remove the air in a process called consolidation. Concrete vibrators engage this process by sending vibrations and shockwaves through the material, forcing solids to settle and pushing gas to the surface for expulsion.

These tools offer advantages when using precast concrete form tables, but it is important to use them correctly. Make sure you place yours correctly, leave it running for the right length of time and avoid dragging the head through the material. Taking shortcuts and cutting corners can cause unevenness, structural instability, separation and finish issues.  At Deca, we’re not just equipment vendors, we’re consultants who will work with you to make sure that you have a complete solution for concrete precast form vibration. 

Trust Deca Precast Concrete Vibration Equipment

With Deca products, you gain the benefit of over 40 years of industry experience. We work with customers in six continents and all 50 states to deliver advanced concrete production equipment used in everything from raw materials handling to placing the final touches on finished work. You can depend on concrete form vibrators and other tools to last and deliver consistent, reliable results every time. We also offer custom solutions for unique applications.

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Feel free to reach out for more information before you make your decision. Our team has the skill and experience to answer technical questions and help you select the best concrete form vibrator for your business and budget. Get in touch today by calling (800) 974-9422 or contacting us online.

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