Series D Electric Vibrators (1 Product)

D Series - Electric vibrator

Heavy-Duty Rotary Electric Vibrators

These moderate- to high-frequency heavy-duty electric vibrators provide the proper agitation needed keep fine dry materials flowing from bins and hoppers through chutes and pipes.

Their low to moderate amplitude characteristics also provide excellent vibration profiles for use with compaction tables in foundry applications, refractory installation for induction furnaces, and QC test tables for vibration testing.

(For particularly troublesome bin, hopper, and silo storage applications, consider the Deca AIR-SLIDE Flow-Aid System that delivers 100% guaranteed material flow performance, even with the most problematic bulk materials.)


  • Energy efficient designs keep operating costs low.
  • Quiet performance won’t disrupt lab or production environments.
  • Various models are available with the convenience of 115vAC or 230vAC operation.
  • Potentiometer speed control and adjustable eccentric weights in some models permit fine-tuning of vibratory performance.
  • Low-maintenance designs require only occasional bearing and/or brush replacement based on the volume of use.


Ensure complete emptying of fine powdered materials that can tend to cake or stick on storage bin and hopper walls across a variety of industrial, pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, chemical processing, mining, refractory, and concrete applications. Also keep those same materials free flowing through chutes and pipelines for material handling, transfer, and batch mixing operations. 

  • Clear bins and hoppers of fine dry powdered materials
  • Provide a consistent vibration for QC test tables used to evaluate the vibration resistant qualities of electronic assemblies
  • De-aerate and compact refractory materials lining induction furnace applications
  • Aid the compaction of concrete in precast forms for stronger and more consistent finished product quality


Deca Series D and U vibrator models deliver a broad range of output forces capable of handling corresponding material weights in small- to mid-size and high-volume production applications.

  • Series D models operating at moderate frequency (3600 rpm) offer maximum force ratings ranging from 15 lbs. to 5,400 lbs. and are sized for bin capacities as small as 300 lbs. or as large as 108,000 lbs. They are available in single-phase models for 115/230v AC power supplies and in 3-phase models for 230/460v AC power supplies.
  • High-frequency (9,000 rpm) Series U electric vibrators offer maximum forces ranging from 75 lbs. to 700 lbs., capable of loosening compacted bins of fine powders weighing from 750 lbs. to 16,000 lbs.


Unlike coarse materials that flow freely with low-frequency, high-amplitude vibration, fine powders, refractory lining materials, and concrete castings often require higher frequency agitation for proper performance. 

Ensure the right application design and the appropriate moderate to high-frequency electric vibrator to power it by discussing your application needs with a Deca representative, toll free, at 866.384.3788 or at

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Product Table

Item #
Power Source
Frequency (Max)
Force Output (Max)
Force Output Adjustment
General Applications
Material in Tapered Portion of Bin (Max)
Electric AC - 1 Phase 115 V
Moderate - 3,600 (Max)
Not Adjustable
Flow Aids for Small Bins, Hoppers, Pipes, Chutes & Screens Especially for FOOD PROCESSING & Pharmaceutical Industry Also for Small Vibration Test Tables, Small Screens & Paper Joggers
3 lbs
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