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Rotary Electric Vibrators

Electric Industrial Vibrators

Low-cost operation throughout a long operating life makes Deca Electric Industrial Vibrators a good investment for the long haul in applications where hydraulic or pneumatic vibrators are impractical or just won’t last. Learning how to identify, size and install the ideal solution is easy. Contact a Deca representative for insights on making the best electric vibrator choice for your overall needs.

General Purpose or Application Specific 

The most attractive characteristic of electric vibrator performance – low operating cost – is just the first of many advantages. Deca provides electric powered vibrators in a wide variety of formats, motor sizes and output ratings to optimize the flow characteristics of diverse bulk materials in unique operating environments across a broad range of industrial applications.

From routine material flow through bins, hoppers, chutes and conveyors, to specialized configurations for fluidized beds, vibration tables, separators, sorters and compactors, there is a Deca Electric Vibrator solution for just about any application. With so many performance options, it is easy to match the ideal combination of performance efficiency and cost effectiveness.

  • High-frequency models (up to 9,000 rpm.) prevent compaction of even the finest powders in applications ranging from food to pharmaceutical to concrete materials
  • High-force outputs (up to 14,000 lbs.) handle dense materials in heavy-volume applications such as mining, quarry operations, and mineral processing
  • Micro-sized models provide adjustable output forces with low noise, for sound-sensitive environments ranging from pharmaceutical laboratories to light industrial production or packaging lines
  • Stainless steel vibrator housings withstand harsh environments and frequent wash-downs, as experienced in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial applications
  • Explosion-proof models satisfy Class II and Class I environments in chemical processing, petroleum refining and other industrial operations
  • Synchronous vibration solutions ensure product consistency in concrete casting operations, even those requiring large frames or forms
  • Compact, lightweight truck vibrators assure clean evacuation of transport compartments in spite of wet, sticky or freezing material conditions
  • Maintenance-free electromagnetic hammer designs meet the challenge of keeping clingy, sticky or moisture-laden materials flowing freely in a variety of industrial processes. These can range from pulp, paper, and wood processing to reclaimed foundry sand to metals and minerals processing

Electric Vibrators Sized to Fit

With units weighing as little as 3.1 lbs., output forces ranging from 9 to 5,500 lbs. and the ability to accommodate maximum bin loads up to 165,000 lbs., Deca Electric Vibrators are versatile enough for virtually any need.

There are models to accommodate a wide range of electric supply conditions as well – including 12 VDC or 24 VDC, 115 VAC to 460 VAC and 50 HZ or 60 Hz.

Job-Matched Performance

Equally important to unit sizing, are the vibration profiles those units can produce to match the performance requirements of your application. Adjustable output forces, eccentric weight adjustment, high-frequency operation and synchronous unit performance permit fine-tuning that delivers the desired results:

  • Preventing bridging or rat holing of fine materials in bulk storage bins and hoppers
  • Keeping coarse products moving in bulk material transport
  • Protecting against jam-ups or bottlenecks in production conveyor applications
  • Minimizing plugging in screening, sifting, or sizing applications
  • Consistent compaction for concrete casting applications

The Air-Slide Flow-Aid System

For severe flow problems the Deca Air-Slide Flow-Aid System is the ultimate material flow problem solver. The Air-Slide is engineered to create and maintain material flow while eliminating sticky & tacky build-up, arching, rat holes, and blockages. See how it works below.

Designed for Task-Specific Functionality

Beyond rotary vibrator solutions, Deca also provides electromagnetic hammers as an excellent option for applications where fine or sticky materials tend to cling to the sides of bins, hoppers, cyclones, spray dryers, and other material handling equipment. Stator and rotor construction permits high-force action at very low frequency, suitable for wall thicknesses starting from less than 0.10″ and thicker.

Although not every bulk material handling application has ready access to a steady AC power supply, Deca DC Truck Vibrators capable of operating on 12 V or 24 VDC power offer mobile solutions for applications such as bulk transport trucks. From units weighing as little as 5 lbs., up to units capable of generating 3,400 lbs. of output force, Deca DC-powered vibrators keep bulk materials flowing wherever they need to be transported.

Identify Your Ideal Choice

Through 35 years of experience matching the right vibrator technology to unique material flow characteristics, Deca knows the questions to ask and the approach to take for practically any application.

Not every installation is as easy as bolting a stock vibrator unit to your equipment. Ask a Deca representative to show you the key considerations and best options for ensuring the most efficient solution to your bulk material handling needs. Call us at, (800) 974-9422, or Contact Us!


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