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Pneumatic Vibrators

Pneumatic Vibrators

Rugged, durable, and versatile Deca pneumatic vibrators offer some of the most affordable units available, to provide cost-effective solutions even in applications where electric or hydraulic power is not practical.

Our air vibrators feature a low up-front cost and relatively low maintenance requirements over time. They also tolerate short, frequent on-off cycles that would cause premature wear in electric vibrator motors, plus they eliminate concerns about sparks or flammable oils in explosive or volatile environments.

Because most processing and production environments offer convenient access to compressed air, these pneumatic air vibrators are viable choices across a wide variety of industries and applications.

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Industries and Applications

  • Bulk Material Handling & Transport
  • Cement and Concrete Production
  • Chemical Processing
  • Coal Handling
  • Feed & Grain Handling
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Foundry Operations
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Metals & Minerals
  • Mining & Quarrying
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech Processing
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp, Paper & Wood Products


Pneumatic Vibrator Industries and Applications

Contact a Deca representative for insights on choosing the best pneumatic vibrator design for your particular need.

General Purpose and Application-Specific Designs

The quiet, low-maintenance, and air-efficient performance of Deca pneumatic vibrators delivers economy for a variety of applications:

  • IN DRY BULK MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS, they fight bridging, arching, ratholing, and sticky residue that can disrupt the material flow or cause less-than-complete emptying in bins, hoppers, storage silos, chutes and pipes.
  • IN PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTS, they can provide motive force for feeder and screening drives, and compaction and consolidation of materials for packaging, molding, casting, and refractory applications.
  • IN TRANSPORT APPLICATIONS, they aid in uninterrupted and complete emptying of materials from railcars and bulk-transport trailers.
  • ROTARY FORCE designs offer elastic force and vibratory profiles controlled through air pressure regulation. Design formats include ring vibrators, ball vibrators, turbine vibrators, roller vibrators, and pneumatic-motor-driven vibrators – each with its own performance advantages. Ask a Deca representative for their comparative benefits in your application.
  • LINEAR FORCE designs provide sharp, directional forces at low frequency and high amplitude, to help break up sticky materials and transparent storage bin surfaces of clinging residues for complete emptying. These design formats include pneumatic linear vibrators, piston vibrators, and hammer impactors.

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Put the right physics to work

Put the Right Physics to Work for Your Application

The diverse sizes and styles of Deca Pneumatic Vibrators deliver a wide range of force and vibration profiles to ensure free-flowing materials – from the smallest feeder or hopper to the largest silo or railcar. Let a Deca representative help you choose the correct format and size, based on more than 35 years of vibrator product experience. Simply define the nature of your application (material flow, feeding, or compaction), your material characteristics, and the weights and volumes of your application for help in pinpointing your most cost-effective solution among the following capabilities:

  • VERY-HIGH-FREQUENCY UNITS: (up to 47,000 rpm) discourage bridging, arching, caking or rat holing with even the finest powders, in applications ranging from food to pharmaceutical to concrete materials.
  • HIGH-FORCE OUTPUTS: (up to 8,900 lbs.) handle dense materials and large bin capacities in high-volume applications such as mining, quarry operations, and mineral processing, featuring larger particles with coarse, angular surfaces.
  • HIGH-TEMPERATURE DESIGNS are capable of operating in ambient temperatures up to 650 ºF (343 ºC).
  • LINEAR IMPACT DESIGNS: provide high-amplitude vibration, up to 4,600 lbs. of force, and frequencies ranging from 6 vpm up to 22,000 vpm. They help to meet the challenge of keeping clingy, sticky or hygroscopic materials flowing freely in various industrial processes – from general material storage to critical weigh-batching hoppers.
  • THE DECA AIR-SLIDE FLOW-AID SYSTEM: although not classified as a vibrator, it offers a more targeted approach for a particularly troublesome bin, hopper, and silo storage applications. It uses strategically placed nozzles that deliver timed bursts of compressed air to eliminate blockages or buildup, to create and maintain a free flow of material. When properly installed, it guarantees 100% material flow, even with the most problematic bulk materials.

Job-Matched Performance

Adjustable output forces, set by regulating compressed air pressure, permit fine-tuning that helps you deliver the desired results for your material characteristics across a range of applications:

  • Prevent bridging or ratholing of fine materials in bulk storage bins and hoppers.
  • Keep coarse products moving in bulk material transport.
  • Orient shapes, ensure consistent feed rates and protect against bottlenecks or jam-ups in production conveyor and feeder applications.
  • Minimize plugging in screening, sifting, or sizing applications.
  • Create consistent compaction for concrete casting or refractory applications.

Design and Performance for Job-Specific Needs

In addition to a wide variety of output forces, vibration frequencies and amplitude profiles, Deca Pneumatic Air Vibrators also offer a range of design and performance attributes that satisfy job-specific needs.

  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum vibrator housings withstand harsh environments and frequent wash-downs for sanitary requirements, as experienced in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industrial applications.
  • Cast-steel and ductile-iron body construction provide durable, low-maintenance choices for heavy-duty performance.
  • ATEX-certified explosion-proof models satisfy Class I and Class II environments in chemical processing, petroleum refining and other hazardous-environment industrial operations.
  • Fixed-mounting and portable-mounting styles provide convenience for in-plant applications as well as in-the-field use, such as railcar and bulk transport trailer unloading or concrete casting applications.
  • Minimal moving parts and simple low-maintenance designs reduce the likelihood of production downtime required for maintenance or repair.

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Harness the Power of Air, Without all the Pressure

With so many vibrator formats – electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic – in so many specific models and sizes, it can be hard enough to decide which motive force, much less specific design, is best for your application. When you discuss your application needs with a Deca representative, you’ll learn not only which units are best suited for your requirements, and why, but also specific installation and operating guidelines to help deliver optimum performance with your materials and equipment.
It is easy to benefit from more than 35 years of expertise in vibrator application environments like yours, without having to do all the calculations yourself.

Call Deca Today to Discuss Your Application

Call Deca Today to Discuss Your Application

Ask a Deca representative to show you the key considerations and best options for narrowing down to the most efficient solution for your bulk material handling or production needs. Call now at (800) 974-9422, or Contact us.