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Ready-Mix Plant Vibration Equipment

Ready-Mix Plant Vibration Equipment

Ready-mix plant vibration equipment is essential for keeping overhead low and maintaining product quality, regardless of your facility’s size or the volume you produce. If you make ready-mix concrete, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. has all the batch plant vibration equipment you need to maintain ideal material flow.


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What Are Ready-Mix Plants?

Ready-mix plants are facilities that produce mixed and unhardened concrete material — ready-mix concrete (RMC). RMC typically consists of gravel, cement, sand and other materials mixed in proprietary blends. This material is water-activated and used in a wide range of construction, building and other applications.

Why Are Vibrators Important for Ready-Mix Plants?

In ready-mix plants, you need to keep material moving or your systems could clog up, leading to lost resources, downtime for cleanup and delays in production. Ready-mix vibrators prevent these issues from happening. These products make sure things stay fluid from the silos, through the hoppers and to the final output, keeping batches consistent and ensuring your proportions stay right on target.

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A Complete Selection of Quality Batch Plant Vibration Equipment

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. ready-mix plant vibration equipment products will handle your material indoors, outside and in all the most challenging operating environments. They are built to last, designed to deliver a low lifetime-operating cost and made to keep up with your production schedule — even if you run your plant 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

Our ready-mix vibrators, rollers and other batch plant vibration equipment for sale include:

Fluidizing Flow Aids

  • Fluidizing Disks: Our Vibrating Bin Aerator fluidizing discs install inside silos or on the exterior to improve material mass-flow.
  • External mounting kit: External mounting kits are silo upgrades that let you mount fluidizing discs on the exterior for greater ease.
  • Fluidizing Pads: You can use our FP Aeration Pads to prevent cement bridging, rat-holing and clumping by controlling flow air pressure.
  • Air-Slide Flow-Aid Systems: Air-Slide Flow-Aid Systems install throughout material holding containers, using timed bursts of pressure to keep the walls clean.
  • Fluidizing Nozzle: Deca FN100 and FN200 aeration nozzles fit on the outside of your silos and containers to improve powdered cement flow.
  • Flange Mount Pneumatic Piston Vibrators: These economical vibrators have a versatile design suited for replacing virtually any other vibrator on the market.

Bulk Material

  • VCP Pressure Relief Valves: Our VCP pressure relief valves feature flow rates up to 7,650 CFM, with optional pressure settings available.
  • ES Screw Conveyors: These modular products are the most cost-effective way to convey fly ash, cement and other semi-fluid materials.
  • BV Butterfly Valves: We have butterfly valves you can configure for BV1 or BV2 connections to handle your dry silo bulk.
  • VFS Butterfly Valves: Our ATEX-certified V1FS and V2FS butterfly valves are made from quality materials and offer superior functionality.
  • ILT Level Indicators: Series ILT Level Indicators are easy to install. They will accurately monitor your bin, hopper or silo fill levels.
  • VIB Slide Gates: Deca Series VIB Slide Gates are compatible with CEMA flanges to exercise precision control over material movement.
  • VLQ Slide Valves: VLQ Slide Valves are suitable for hoppers, silos, mechanical conveyors and loading spouts to prevent unintended flow.
  • Hoppertop Dust Collectors: Compact Hoppertop air filters are specialized plant products designed to vent loaded cement hoppers for safety.
  • SILOTOP™ Dust Collectors: The SILOTOP™ Dust Collector vents pneumatically filled dry-bulk silos containing cement and other dry, dusty material.

Order Ready-Mix Vibration Equipment

At Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., we have the products you need to upgrade your batch plant. We also have years of industry expertise to help you determine which products will give your facility the best results and the greatest return on your investment. Once installed, you can count on our team for complete support for the lifetime of your equipment.

Contact us online to get fast answers to your questions or start a consultation. You can also reach us at 800-974-9422.

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