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Dry Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Because flow performance depends upon so many variables in terms of material behavior or conditions and vessel size or geometry, it is advisable to review all parameters of any application in detail. Contact a Deca representative for insights on the optimum solution and installation guidelines for your unique need.

Better Dry Bulk Material Handling Control

While Deca offers a variety of vibration and dry bulk material handling system solutions, no single product is a cure-all. Working closely with a Deca technology specialist can help you integrate any of the following technologies into an appropriate solution for your unique material handling challenges.

Bin Activators

Once a bin or silo gets to a certain size, it becomes much easier to “shake the contents”, not the container. That is exactly what the BA-Bin Activator does to fight the three main types of discharge flow problems – bridging, rat holing and segregation – in any large silo where they are concerns. BA-Bin Activators are useful across a variety of powdered material applications with tendencies for caking or compacting.

  • Flour Milling
  • Feed Milling
  • Fertilizers
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Glass

These BA-Bin Activator models are the most technically advanced devices for discharging powders or granules from bins, silos or hoppers available on the market today. They are specifically sized to address a wide range of dry bulk material handling issues. A vibratory cone isolated between two flanges with a flexible rubber seal ensures that vibrations are transmitted directly to the material itself and not to the storage vessel. A no-weld design makes for easy installation to deliver a safe and secure connection. A large selection of drive motors is available to handle diverse material characteristics. Explosive environment versions are also available.

Butterfly Valves

Deca butterfly valves make it easy to control the flow of powders, granules, and pellets in a variety of dry bulk material handling applications. Constructed from aluminum alloy for high strength and prestressed elastomer seals for high performance, they come in a variety of models suited to diverse applications.

Butterfly valves are typically chosen for their low cost and lightweight design, versus other devices, to isolate or regulate the flow of bulk material. They are readily available from stock, easy to fit, and easy to maintain. A variety of materials, optional coatings, and design attributes provide solid corrosion protection.

  • A reliable opening mechanism is designed to withstand heavy use, for longer life over more production cycles.
  • Solid bolted connections ensure a tight, long-lasting seal and are easy to maintain. Valves are dust-tight and pressure-proof up to 0.2 bar (2.9 psi).
  • Durable construction includes prestressed elastomer seals that are tough enough to withstand harsh environments yet pliable enough to allow for easy operation.
  • A food-grade version – compliant with EN 1935/2004 standards – is available with a stainless steel disc and integral seal.
  • ATEX-certified models are also available.

VL Slide Gate Valves

These slide valves are typically used to regulate flow in vertically oriented situations where dry bulk solid flow would be continuous without intervention.

They are easily installed in a variety of positions and locations, including hopper and silo storage bin outlets, mechanical conveyor inlets and outlets, telescopic loading spouts, and other material discharge points. Their special geometry and different blade design options promote their use in virtually every material handling sector – including FDA approval for the food industry.

Slide-gate blades offer the flexibility of interchangeable manual, pneumatic, and electric gear-motor actuators. They are available in a wide range of sizes and a variety of materials, so each unit can be customized to perform with just about any material in your application – lumpy, fine, granular, corrosive, explosive or abrasive.

  • Easy-slide polymer-coated blades are standard.
  • Material deflector design reduces wear on seals and rollers.
  • Dust-proof seal lips ensure solid, reliable sealing against fine powders and dust.
  • Durable steel, stainless steel, and engineered polymer materials improve abrasion resistance compared to traditional valves.
  • Fully enclosed design eliminates pinch points.
  • A reduced number of parts simplifies disassembly for maintenance.
  • Optional ATEX-certification is available.

ES Screw Conveyors For Cement And Fly Ash

Although Deca’s line of ES screw conveyors was designed particularly for cement and fly ash handling requirements, it is applicable for any dry free-flowing materials.

Available in seven outside tube diameters, they can be sized to handle the appropriate maximum flow rate – from 7 tons/hour up to 220 tons/hour – required for years of service in your application.

  • Modular construction accommodates conveying lengths up to 50 feet (15 meters).
  • Easily distribute your bulk material to multiple locations with multiple inlets and discharges.
  • Conveyor can be totally enclosed to address corrosion or protect hygroscopic materials from the elements.
  • Drive motor and gearbox can be mounted on the discharge end.
  • Options for swivel spouts ranging from 6″ to 12″ are available on top and/or bottom of trough.

A knowledgeable Deca representative is ready to help you evaluate and specify the optimum screw-conveyor design for your needs, based on characteristics such as conveying distance, volume, speed, and material composition (including moisture content, abrasion, particle size, temperature, or other unique considerations).

Bin Vents And Filtering

Deca offers two silo/hopper venting and filtering options for cleaner operation, even in notoriously dusty operations such as:

  • Minerals Processing (Cement, Lime, Gypsum)
  • Asphalt Mixing Plants
  • Concrete (Precast and Ready-Mix)
  • Powdered Food and Beverage Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Feed and Grain Processing
  • Glass and Ceramic Production
  • Metal Processing

Both the larger SILOTOP Venting Filter and the smaller HOPPERJET Hopper Venting Filter provide a safe and efficient means to vent displaced air during material filling operations, without discharging the dust generated within the vessel.

  • High efficiency is safeguarded by large filter-surface-area-to-footprint ratios safeguard high efficiency and provide ample exhaust velocity to allow for fast silo filling capacity without clogging filters.
  • Low-maintenance design includes self-cleaning features that minimize the need for filter replacement.
  • Reverse air jets clean filter surfaces so bulk materials fall back into the silo or hopper after filter cleaning.
  • Stainless steel exteriors provide long-term durability for exterior installations or harsh production environments.
  • Low emissions are ensured by BIA-certified polyester filter media. (Class U, S, G, or C).

VCP Safety Pressure Relief Valve

Whenever you fill or empty a sealed container, something has to give. These safety pressure relief valves are installed on the tops of bins, hoppers, silos or other vessels to prevent damage related to overpressure or negative pressure situations.

VCP Pressure Relief Valves protect hundreds of thousands of bins and silos worldwide – including bin structures and the safety of workers around them – as they accommodate safety regulations relating to sudden changes in vessel pressures.

These pressure relief valves offer peace of mind for safety and convenience, with minimal effort.

  • Easy-to-install and maintain units accommodate air volumes up to 7,650 cfm (13,000 m³/h).
  • Independent valve settings can be established for both excess pressure and negative pressure.
  • A stainless steel cover protects working components against exposure to the elements.

The Best Bulk Material Handling Results Start with the Best Specifications

While many dry bulk material handling applications share common characteristics, finding an optimum solution demands careful consideration of both product and equipment attributes. Whatever your bulk material or specialized flow control situation, count on Deca for insights into your best options.

Choose to Work with Industry Experts

With more than 35 years of dry bulk materials handling experience across a wide range of industry applications, Deca is well equipped to help you refine your system design for optimum productivity.

Let a Deca representative provide the benefit of more than 35 years of collective material handling experience across a variety of industries and industry applications. Call toll free, 866.384.3788, or write to