Air-Slide Flow-Aid Solution (4 Products)

Flow aid air slide animation diagram

Guaranteed Material Flow 

Controlled Flow for Organics & More 

For severe flow problems the Deca Air-Slide Flow-Aid System is the ultimate material flow problem solver.

Engineered to create and maintain material flow while eliminating sticky & tacky build-up, arching, rat holes, and blockages.

The Deca Air-Slide Flow-Aid System promotes and maintains material flow of dry, moist, hydroscopic, dense or entangled materials in any manufacturing or production process or environment, whether you’re working in pharmaceutical and food to pulp & paper, metals & minerals and chemical processing, in any type of container made from metal, plastic, fiberglass, concrete, or wood.

By strategically placing multiple  Deca Air-Slide units throughout your container, blasts of air keep the material flowing in a downward direction.

On a timed cycle, a powerful blast of air pushes open the one moving part, the piston, releasing the air in a 360 degree pattern along the inner surface of the container wall, lifting and moving the material off the wall. This piston, along with the housing and all other components, are made of high grade machined steel, ensuring reliable and trouble-free performance for years to come.

 Deca Air-slide Flow Aid Solution


Deca guarantees 100% performance of all installations when our engineer’s recommendations are followed.

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Product Table

Item #
Air Pressure (Max)
Air Usage Per Firing (Max)
Available Material of Construction
General Applications
60 PSI
0.6 C.F.
C.S., 304 & 316 S.S.
Guaranteed Flow Solution for Any Fine, Sticky, Moist, Entangled Powder or Granular Materials
90 PSI
1.1 C.F.
C.S., 304 & 316 S.S.
Guaranteed Flow Solution for Any Fine, Sticky, Moist, Entangled Powder or Granular Materials
90 PSI
2.2 C.F.
C.S., 304 & 316 S.S.
Guaranteed Flow Solution for Any Fine, Sticky, Moist, Entangled Powder or Granular Materials
90 PSI
2.2 C.F.
C.S., 304 & 316 S.S.
Guaranteed Flow Solution for Any Fine, Sticky, Moist, Entangled Powder or Granular Materials

Air-Slide Flow-Aid

Our Series AS Air-Slide Flow-Aid is an excellent low-noise alternative to explosion-proof vibrators. In this setup, a piston manages a series of air components throughout your container. The piston shoots air through the pieces, and the blast helps to move clumps, sticky materials and blockages.  The air slide guarantees material flow with proper installation, and it creates less noise pollution in the process. Unlike vibrating equipment, our air slides uses puffs of air to cause material flow rather than agitating the outside of the container.

We offer the air slide in a range of sizes and psi capabilities so you can find a configuration that works for your needs. Since the system operates using only air or inert gas, you eliminate the risk of igniting your flammable materials while keeping your operation productive.


Benefits of the Air Slide Over Explosion Proof Vibrators

Why use the Deca Air slide Solution

The Air Slide has a few other advantages over explosion-proof vibrators:

1. The Air Slide flow aid solution is often more economical than an explosion-proof vibrator array.

2. The Air Slide is quieter than a typical vibrator, as it acts directly on the material within the frame, rather than banging on the frame from the outside.

3. The Air Slide is often easier to install, requiring smaller mounts, and allowing for installation in smaller or hard to reach areas. 

4. Guaranteed material flow solutions when installation and operation recommendations are adhered to. 

Organic Material Flow Applications

Air Slide Solution applications

Our air slides offer a series of advantages for operations that need material flow for substances such as:

  • Fertilizer
  • Flour
  • Corn dust
  • Sawdust
  • Packing materials
  • Woodchips
  • Popped popcorn

Vibrators often fail to keep these materials flowing because of their small size. 

These low-noise material flow solutions mitigate the chance of explosions since they use airpower instead of an electric switch, meaning you can trust the air slide to move flammable materials like fertilizer without presenting a safety risk. The Air-Slide Flow-Aid is quiet, efficient, safe and useful for diverse applications.

Organic Material Flow and Processing

Organic material processing presents its own challenges, including safety and operational efficiency. Having explosion proof material handling equipment designed for the unique complexities of handling organic material is essential for ensuring safe and profitable operations.

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. engineers, manufactures and distributes the Deca Air Slide and related organic material processing equipment that helps maximize productivity and lower long-term operating costs.

Explosion-Proof Material Flow Solutions

Organic material processing plays a significant role in many industries, and it demands explosion proof solutions for material flow.  As an example, fertilizer contains the chemical compound ammonium nitrate. It is highly susceptible to explosion if heated or ignited, which can happen when using a non-explosion-proof vibration solution. 

Electrical charges can be the catalyst for these dangerous explosions, which is why we offer explosion-proof material handling solutions for organic materials.

Explosion-Proof Vibrators

Our explosion proof vibrating equipment offers enhanced material flow with safety in mind. Our explosion-proof electric vibrators are specially designed to perform in environments where explosion is a concern. They meet the extensive Explosion Proof certifications and international standards for operating with dust and gas.   We also have the Series FV Rotary Electric Vibrator as an option for pipes, chutes, hoppers and bins.

Explosion Proof Vibrator Certifications


Additional Flow Assistance

Our material flow solutions for organic material go beyond our vibrators and air-slide flow-aid. We also carry:

  • Pneumatic Silo Whips: This remote-controlled tool allows you to clean your storage containers by knocking down stubborn material. It runs on compressed air, making it safe for fertilizer.
  • Fluidizing Tank Truck AeratorsThis air-powered product encourages greater flow during tanker truck unloading. 
  • Fluidizing Disks: Improve the mass flow of your fertilizer with fluidizing disks attached to your container. Air operation ensures safety.
  • External Mounting Kits: Sometimes, installing fluidizing disks inside your silo is challenging. With our mounting kits, you can attach your disks to the outside and still experience superior performance.
  • Directional Air Blasters: Use this equipment to direct a focused air blast into your container for increased material flow.

Low-Noise Material Flow Solutions

At Deca Vibrator, we understand how crucial explosion-proof equipment is in fertilizer processing and handling organic materials. We have decades of experience working with material flow equipment, and we know what you need to enhance productivity safely. 

Our air slide can be an ideal solution for operations that handle flammable materials. If you have questions about our material flow equipment, request more information today.

Deca Air-Slide Features

  • Effects problem material up to 6 foot in diameter
  • Four different sizes available to accommodate any size container
  • Available in Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel (Other upon request)
  • Sequence control for controlled feeding
  • Low air consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation

Air Slide Flow Aid installed on a hopper

Deca Air-Slide Controller Options

Solid State Sequence Controller – This economical, low cost, option controls up to (32) Deca Air-Slide units per controller. It allows for adjustable on/off time, remote start/stop from PLC contact, and has an optional sequence light indicator. Available Voltages: 110/120 VAC (50/60 HZ) and 220/230 VAC (50/60 HZ).

Air-Slide Control Unit Options for the Sequence Controller:

  • Sequential fire control
  • Sequential + Rapid fire control
  • Automatic and Manual firing modes
  • Cover mounted controls with Sequence indicator lights
  • Control by customer’s existing PLC

Programmable Logic Controller – This more versatile unit allows you to program up to (144) Deca Air-Slide units with up to (10) different applications, has adjustments for on/off, cycle and dwell times along with being customizable for very unique applications. Available Voltages: 120, 240, 480 VAC (60 HZ) and 110/220 VAC (50 HZ).

Example Of PLC Controlled Air-Slide System

PLC controlled system


Advantages of Controlling the Air-Slides with a PLC:

  • Highly customizable
  • Total control of firing and dwell times
  • Ability to control firing order and cycles

Controlling the Air-Slides in this way provides the ability to precisely control the amount of material that is consistently delivered to the feed system at the discharge of the container thereby lending itself to precise batching.

Deca Air-Slide Flow Aid System Performance

Resolve your tough flow problems with airside

The Deca Air-Slide Flow Aid System is successful because it creates and maintains material flow while also eliminating the following:

  • Costly down time for clearing out build-up or clogged bins, hoppers, silos, vessels, and bunkers
  • Sticky material build-up
  • Material adhesion to container wall
  • Bridging, arching, rat holes & clinging material

The Deca-Air-Slide Flow Aid System – 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed!

Industries Served:

  • Food & Pharmaceutical, e.g. Sugar, Cocoa, Baking Powder, Feed, Cracker Meal, Dehydrated Food Products, Salt, Grains, Coffee, Cereal, Pharmaceutical Excipients, etc.
  • Metals & Minerals, e.g. Ores of all types, Coal (coke, mined, all grades), Phosphates, Zinc, Soda Ash, Sand (all types), Kaolin, Fly Ash, Lime, Cement & Clay, Copper, Gypsum, Lead, Limestone, Aluminum, etc.
  • General, e.g. Plastics, Powdered Paints, Detergents, Fertilizers, Resins, Adhesives, Carbon, etc.

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