FP Fluidizing Pad (1 Product)

FP Series - aeration pad

Due to the semi-convex shape of the durable polymer FP Aeration Pads, air is given off at a wide emission angle across the entire white surface. For sizing, positioning and determination of the number of pads refer to the data sheet.

Fluidization equipment is used as a preventive measure. A variety of materials will show perfect mass flow as soon as a certain amount of air is added at regular intervals during discharging of the bin or silo. With FP Aeration Pads the action is gentle (operating pressure of the pad = 3 psi). The air-enriched material gains the desired flowability. At the same time, possible tendencies of the product to bridge, rat-hole, or clump are prevented.

In a single row installation, FP Aeration Pads are widely used for materials like cement. More sophisticated applications with alternately fed multiple rows are for example designed for lime in storage and dosing plants where fluidization is used not only during discharging of the silo but also to keep the material in motion during longer storage periods.

Long-term field experience with FP Aeration Pads performing with partial pulse jet fluidization (Pulse-Jet and Felder System) have shown that virtually all dust generating materials can be successfully fluidized. For food-grade applications we recommend the use of FD series Vibrating Bin Aerators.

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Product Table

Item #
Air Pressure (Max)
Air Usage (Max)
General Applications
Sintered PET Filter & Plastic Body
3 PSI.
0.07 C.F.
Works best for Cement & Lime Powder

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