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With more than 240 different models of Series FV heavy-duty rotary electric vibrators available, including:

  • moderate-, low-, and very-low-frequency options
  • choices for 115, 230, or 460 VAC current as well as 12 or 24 VDC current, and
  • CLASS I and II explosion-proof housings for volatile, hazardous duty locations, your Deca representative can help you save time and effort in narrowing down to your perfect option with just a short series of qualifying questions.


The rugged design and construction of Series FV vibrators offer multiple features for cost-efficient performance across a range of heavy-duty industrial uses.

  • Inverter duty designs enable speed control to help you fine-tune operations to your unique material handling demands
  • Quiet performance, even at higher vibratory frequencies and amplitudes, contributes toward a more comfortable work environment
  • Extreme durability enables continuous operation at 100% force output, while enhancing long operating life in heavy-duty applications
  • Energy-efficient, low-maintenance design – with only occasional bearing replacement based on your volume of use – helps keeps downtime and operating costs low


From storage to positioning, transport, separating, sizing, and compacting applications, Deca Series FV rotary electric heavy-duty vibrators offer more choices to speed up productivity, cut downtime, and ensure a smoother workflow throughout your work environment.

  • Aid material flow in all types of storage bins, hoppers, chutes, and piping
  • Power vibratory conveyors, sizing screens, and feeders to keep materials flowing in production environments
  • Ensure consistent compaction in precast forms and concrete applications
  • Support specialized applications such as vibration tables, fluidized beds, and material separators with job-matched vibration patterns
  • Capitalize on powerful vibrator designs for satisfying the most demanding applications, including coke plant hoppers, coal crusher hoppers, coarse sand, concrete compaction tunnel modules, sand bagging applications, and other heavy-duty industrial applications.

(For particularly troublesome bin, hopper, and silo storage applications, consider the Deca AIR-SLIDE Flow-Aid System that delivers 100% guaranteed material flow performance, even with the most problematic bulk materials.)


Deca Series FV rotary electric vibrator designs are as diverse as the materials and applications they handle.

  • DC electric powered models expand your range of use for mobile applications
  • Explosion-proof models keep even wet and sticky materials flowing in explosive dusty environments such as grain and sugar silos, as well as in explosive vapor applications in coal and oilfields
  • Operating frequencies ranging from a very low rate of 900 rpm up to moderate frequency rates of 3600 rpm. Moderate, low, and very low frequency models are divided into 18 families of Series FV vibrators so it is easy to narrow down selection based on the type of vibration your material requires – low speed/high amplitude or lower amplitude/higher speed
  • Vibrator weights ranging from as little as 9 lbs. to more than 2,000 lbs. allow for the maximum output force with minimal added weight in your equipment design
  • Maximum output forces range from 79 lbs. to more than 58,000 lbs., including relatively broad ranges within each model type
  • Those output forces can accommodate maximum bin material capacities ranging from as little as 2,640 lbs. up to more than 200,000 lbs.


An extensive selection of Series FV vibrator sizes, frequencies and amplitudes, plus eccentric weight adjustment on all but the DC-powered units, addresses a broad range of material characteristics and material handling demands.

  • Moderate-frequency moderate-amplitude models are suitable for a variety of bin, hopper, pipe and chute sizes as well as for precast forms and molds in concrete and refractory applications.
  • Low frequency, high-amplitude models provide the motion needed to keep bins and hoppers flowing smoothly in applications with heavy-density materials and larger particle sizes.


With so many heavy-duty vibrator choices, count on Deca specifying experience gleaned from 35 years of hands-on involvement in diverse environments.

Gain insight on the right Series FV vibrator for your needs by contacting a Deca representative, toll free, at 866.384.3788 or at