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Material Flow Equipment for Bins, Hoppers and Silos

Bins, hoppers and silos are crucial equipment in bulk storage applications for industries ranging from coal and quarry/aggregate mining to agriculture, paper and pulp, biomass, pharmaceutical and many others. 

These storage units require an assortment of equipment and parts to assist in the material handling process. Due to the industry’s heavy demands and frequent use of equipment, these parts must endure rugged operating conditions to meet the user’s ongoing performance requirements. 

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. carries a full selection of pneumatic and electric parts for silo, hopper and bin vibration systems that help to prevent blockages and buildup, ensuring a smoother material flow. Our solutions perform flawlessly in dirty, dusty environments, indoors and outdoors and even on mobile equipment. 

With our more than 40 years of material flow equipment expertise, you can trust us to help you find the right parts that will generate less waste, reduce your costs and increase operating efficiency at your facility or job site.


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Your Headquarters for Pneumatic Bin, Silo and Hopper Vibrators

Pneumatic parts rely on compressed air to perform the desired function. Our inventory includes:

  • Series PLV-NL: This 16-model series of non-impacting linear pneumatic vibrators provide reliable material flow assistance for smaller bins, hoppers, pipes and chutes.
  • Pneumatic Silo Whip Series PWA: This product effectively clears out buildup within your storage vessels, promoting a more unrestrained material flow and increasing productivity. 
  • Series PV-Pneumatic Piston Vibrator Continuous Impact: This 4-product series provides efficient removal of bulk materials that stick to the walls of your storage vessels. You can use this machine wet or with clay, manure or sludge.
  • Series LPV-Flange Mount Pneumatic Piston Vibrators: These piston-operated vibrators offer the ideal combination of economy, versatility and ease of maintenance.
  • Series CR and DR-Pneumatic External High-Frequency Roller: These rollers feature a heavy-duty design to meet the demands of the precast concrete and refractory industries.
  • Series P and C Pneumatic External High-Frequency Roller: These rugged cast iron rollers feature a powerful air compressor that generates up to 17,000 vibrations per minute, making them suitable for various aggregate storage vessels. 
  • Series PLV-Pneumatic Linear with Internal Piston: These non-impacting aluminum vibrators are an excellent choice for feeding and compacting lighter materials with large particle sizes. 
  • Series DLV-Pneumatic Linear with Internal Piston: These products can serve as efficient flow aids for small to medium hoppers, bins, chutes and pipes. 
  • Series DTV-Rotary Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator: Use these aluminum vibrator hopper parts for tasks that require low-noise, lubrication-free performance.
  • Series ATU Rotary Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator: This 15-model vibrator series features an alloy aluminum body, a frequency range of up to 34,000 rpm and lubrication-free operation.
  • Series DRV-Rotary Pneumatic Roller: These rollers have only one moving part and offer efficient operation with few maintenance concerns. 
  • Series DR Rotary Pneumatic Ring Vibrators: With the ability to operate at temperatures of up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit, these vibrators are perfect for high-heat applications. 

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Choose Us for Electric Silo, Bin and Hopper Parts

We also offer material flow equipment that runs on electricity for bin, silo and hopper vibration systems:

  • Series MICRO Rotary Electric Vibrator: This 12-product vibrator series features a robust electrical motor that generates a centrifugal force range of 20-65 kg.
  • Series FV Rotary Electric Vibrators: This 1-phase, 2-pole vibrator series is compatible with bins, hoppers, chutes, pipes, compact and filter cleaning.
  • Series FV Rotary Electric Vibrators 3 Phase 2 Pole: This 20-vibrator series works with bins of all sizes and various hoppers. Their heavy-duty design ensures these vibrators can handle the most demanding applications.
  • Series FV Rotary Electric Vibrators 3 Phase 4 Pole: Use these vibrators for conveying, screening, separation, sizing and positioning and feeding. 
  • Series Explosion Proof Electric Vibrators: These vibrators offer a safe material flow equipment solution in potentially hazardous environments where powders, vapors, dust or gases pose an explosion risk.

Pneumatic vs. Electric Vibrators

Pneumatic and electric vibrators are two common approaches to facilitate efficient material flow and stop blockages. Each method has distinct advantages and considerations that impact its suitability for specific applications. Let’s look at pneumatic and electric vibratory systems and how they fit your operation: 

Pneumatic Vibrators vs Electric Vibrators

Pneumatic Vibrators

Pneumatic systems use air pressure to induce vibration and aid material flow. Pneumatic vibrators use compressed air to assist in material flow, breaking up compacted material. These systems are especially effective when dealing with cohesive or sticky materials that tend to adhere to the container walls. The rapid pulses created by pneumatic vibrators assist in dislodging particles, allowing them to flow freely. 

Advantages of pneumatic vibrators include:

  • Effective for cohesive materials: Pneumatic vibrators excel at handling materials prone to sticking or compacting, ensuring consistent material flow. 
  • Low risk of material damage: The gentle yet powerful vibrations minimize the risk of damaging delicate or fragile materials. 
  • Suitable for various sizes: Pneumatic vibrators can be adapted to suit vessels of different shapes and sizes. 

If you’re looking at pneumatic vibrators, consider the following factors:

  • Compressed air supply: Pneumatic vibrators require a reliable and steady compressed air source for operation. 
  • Energy consumption: Compressed air generation consumes more energy than electric vibrators, increasing operational costs. 
  • Installation complexity: Installing pneumatic vibrators involves setting up air supply lines and may require more complex installation procedures. 

Electric Vibrators

Electric vibrators use electrical energy to create centrifugal force that removes stuck materials from the bin. They’re highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of materials and applications. They transfer mechanical energy to the material, reducing friction and promoting movement.

The main advantages of electric vibrators are:

  • Energy efficiency: Electric vibrators are generally more energy-efficient since they do not require compressed air generation.
  • Ease of installation: Electric vibrator installation is typically more straightforward than pneumatic, requiring fewer components. 
  • Versatility: These vibrators can handle many materials and are suitable for both small and large vessels. 

Some considerations to take into account include:

  • Material limitations: Electric vibrators might be less effective for extremely cohesive or sticky materials that require more intense vibrations. 
  • Initial investment: Electric vibrators can have higher upfront costs, although they have low operating costs.
  • Maintenance: While generally easier to maintain than pneumatic systems, they still require regular maintenance and inspection. 

Choosing the Right Vibrator

Choosing between pneumatic and electric vibrators depends on several factors, including material characteristics, application requirements and operational constraints. Use these factors to help you find the right vibrator for your bin, hopper or silo vibration system: 

  • Material properties: Consider the materials’ flow properties and stickiness. Pneumatic vibrators work well for cohesive materials, while electric vibrators work best with materials prone to rat-holing or bridging. 
  • Energy efficiency: Electric vibrators are more energy-efficient, making them popular for long-term savings. 
  • Application size: Pneumatic vibrators work well for larger or irregularly-shaped vessels, while electric vibrators work with various vessel sizes.
  • Installation and maintenance: Electric vibrators generally have simpler maintenance and installation requirements. Pneumatic vibrators require support installed for the compressed air mechanisms. 
  • Budget considerations: Electric vibrators have higher upfront costs but more long-term savings through increased energy efficiency. 

Other Bin, Hopper and Silo Parts

To ensure we can meet every material flow equipment need, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. also offers an assortment of additional parts for bins, hoppers and silos:

  • Series DCM-Portable Vacuum Clamp Vibrators
  • FD External Mounting Kit
  • Series FD Fluidizing Disks
  • Build-Up and Blockage Clearing Systems Bin-Silos
  • Air-Slide Flow-Aid Solution
  • Series DAB Directional Air Blaster
  • Series ARF, ARL, ARU Rotary Air Roller Vibrators
  • Series DBV Rotary Air Ball Vibrators

Custom Vibratory Solutions From Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc.

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. delivers vibrator solutions tailored to your operation. Off-the-shelf industrial vibrators and material flow solutions don’t consider your operational needs. With solutions custom-fit to your productions, you can operate at maximum efficiency. Any component not designed specifically for your operation can lead to back-ups and downtime. Getting a solution that’s built to your specifications allows you to get the exact solution for the job. 

As a low-volume manufacturer, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. brings unmatched attention to detail and customer care to elevate your equipment performance. Our team will work closely with you to create built-to-spec material flow solutions that will last you years. We manufacture many of our vibration solutions in-house, maximizing production quality and giving you all the benefits of our precision components. Partner with us and elevate your operation’s productivity and efficiency. 

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Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. can provide bin, hopper and silo vibration systems to businesses in all 50 states and several countries around the world. Call us at 800-974-9422 or contact us online today to learn more about our products and get pricing information.

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