Non-explosive Cardox Systems are globally recognized as the most effective and reliable means of loosening accumulated powdered, granular, or solidified materials in diverse material handling and process applications. Deca is proud to partner with Cardox International, the original manufacturer, in offering the Cardox System for bin cleaning and other uses.

Cardox System solutions provide safe and economical results in clearing stubborn material build-up or blockages, and for fracturing rock or concrete in above ground, underground, or underwater applications. They are available in styles and sizes tailored to each application, and are commonly used for: 


  • Storage bin and silo blockages
  • Rotary kiln buildup
  • Concrete demolition
  • Quarrying, mining, and tunneling
  • Underwater excavation



The Cardox Advantages

Because Cardox Systems work on the rapid expansion of CO2 from a liquid to a gaseous form – generating pressures up to 40,000 psi – they offer multiple advantages over other mechanical solutions or conventional explosives. 


  • SAFE. Instantaneous liquid-to-gas expansion provides a safer fracturing alternative to dynamite, and can be used safely in explosive environments and closer to sensitive areas without the same safety concerns. This is a welcomed solution for potentially explosive products such as grains, sugar, coal, fertilizers and ore powders.
  • TIMESAVING. With the ability to be installed from the outside of a structure at regular operating temperatures, Cardox solutions eliminate the need for extended shutdowns to cool rotary kilns. This feature enables you to remove rings or blockages in hours with one or two workers, instead of requiring multi-day shutdowns involving dozens of workers.
  • ECONOMICAL. Reusable Cardox tubes can be discharged, removed, and recharged within minutes. With a working life of more than 15 years, and the ability to be re-used by replacing just a few consumable parts, they provide years of repetitive use in blockage-clearing or fracturing applications.
  • EFFECTIVE. A few properly placed and actuated Cardox tubes can clear stubborn accumulations – such as compacted powders or hygroscopic materials in storage vessels, or ring formations in rotary kilns – all from the outside of the vessel.
  • RELIABLE. Unlike air blasters that can lose up to 75% of their efficiency in cement plant applications, Cardox tubes are guaranteed to generate maximum pressure every time.


Whatever the industry application or obstruction, Cardox Systems provide quicker and more economical solutions. 


  • STORAGE VESSELS. Powerful Cardox Systems provide the ultimate solution to clear even the most difficult of build-ups or blockages in bins, silos, hoppers, and bunkers. These include granular and powdered materials that are susceptible to accumulation, compaction, or sticking under tremendous weight or due to humid conditions. These include a variety of organic and inorganic materials: grains… flour… maize… soy… salt… sugar… DDG… cement… cement… gypsum… coal… fertilizer… catalyst… ores… and ore powders, etc.
  • ROTARY KILNS. Naturally occurring ring formations in rotary kilns have multiple causes and multiple impacts on cost-efficient productivity. Cardox Systems let you clear build-ups and blockages caused by burning zone rings, mid-kiln rings, alkali rings and mud rings, without time-consuming shutdowns for unscheduled clean-outs and replacement of damaged refractory bricks.
  • DEMOLITION. Strategically placed Cardox tubes can replace noisy and dusty conventional concrete demolition operations for quicker, easier breakdown and removal.
  • UNDERGROUND EXCAVATION. Cardox tubes deliver up to 17.5 tons of rupture pressure per square inch to simplify excavations for tunneling, foundations, quarrying, trenching, and open cuts. The ability to use them close to sensitive areas makes them the best alternative to conventional dynamite.
  • UNDERWATER EXCAVATION. Because they produce no shock wave and minimal vibration, Cardox solutions are completely safe for underwater excavation applications – even in close proximity to ships, structures, and sensitive areas. They generate no noise and no danger to marine life. Divers can even stay underwater during tube activation.



Learn More About Your Cardox Optimum Solution

If you have struggled with material build-up, demolition, or excavation problems that are too time-consuming or too costly to deal with using conventional approaches, explore the possibilities of Cardox System alternatives. They provide a comprehensive solution for applications where compaction or blockages are simply too large or too entrenched to respond to industrial vibrator solutions, or where explosives are impractical to use.

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