Railcar Vibration Equipment

Bulk material settles when transported by rail.  This can make unloading the material difficult when it reaches its destination. Deca Vibrator provides railcar vibration equipment proven to deliver reliable material flow, so your operations run smoothly. 

Deca Vibrator Manufactures & Distributes Vibration Solutions for Railcars

We offer a variety of bulk material handling solutions for bulk material transported by rail.  Our railcar vibration equipment can be configured to your specifications. Our equipment includes electric, pneumatic and hydraulic vibrators capable of continuous duty cycles for inside or outside use, on and around railcars.

Deca Vibrator brings decades of vibration and material handling experience to bear on your stickiest railcar material flow challenges.


Material Flow Solutions For Railcars

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. is a recognized leader offering unmatched expertise and practical knowledge of industrial vibrators and bulk material handling equipment.

We deliver cost-effective, long-life solutions that lower operating costs and keep your transport operation running smoothly.

So contact deca vibrator for railcar vibration solutions.

Call (866) 384-3788 or write to Sales@Decavibrator.com to request more information on our vibrators and bin and silo cleaning equipment for railcars.

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