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Material Flow Equipment for Grain Feed Trailers

Without the optimal equipment, unloading products like grains, chicken feed, fish meal, rice bran and other dried materials from your grain feed trailer can take significant time. Operators sometimes resort to tactics like hammering and pounding to dislodge material, often causing damage to the trailer. More importantly, these types of unloading strategies increase the chance of operator injury.

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help increase operator safety, improve unloading speeds and eliminate the hassle of manually unclogging material. Our equipment works with various materials and offers multiple installation options, from portable vacuum devices for light grain flow to bolt-down equipment for more demanding applications. 

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Types of Grain Feed Material Flow Equipment We Offer

Depending on the specific type of grain feed material you’re transporting and unloading, Deca Vibration Industries, Inc. has an ideal solution. Examples of our material flow equipment for grain feed trailers include:

  • Fluidizing tank truck aerators: These devices boost powder discharge speed and maximize trailer unloading efficiency in rail tankers or bulk trailers carrying dry, fine or granular powder. The design offers safe, simple installation with a cam lock system.
  • Portable vacuum clamp vibrators: These lightweight vibrators offer portable solutions for applications that require intermittent vibration or where permanent mounting is impractical. Their powerful suction cups stick to nearly any smooth surface to help clean bins and clear blockages.
  • Pneumatic piston continuous impact vibrators: The internal pistons of these vibrators generate a shockwave perfect for dislodging materials from a trailer’s wall. They can operate continuously or deliver intermittent blows that help solve problems like ratholing, bridging and encrustations.
  • Flange mount pneumatic piston vibrators: The economical, low-maintenance design of these vibrators eliminates the poking, pounding and hammering that’s often required to dislodge material from containers without any vibratory devices. The variable control of force and frequency offers the versatility to handle a diverse material range across multiple applications.

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Feed Trailer Grain Flow Applications

Besides feed grains like corn, barley, sorghum and oats, our material flow equipment serves a comprehensive range of applications in agriculture and other industries, including:

  • Fertilizers
  • Chemicals
  • Food materials
  • Pet foods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics

In addition, our vibration equipment works well in other areas that require solutions for feed grain blockages and uneven flow, like railcars, bins, hoppers and silos.

Benefits of Material Flow Equipment for Grain Feed Trailers

When you choose our material flow equipment for your grain feed application, you’ll experience many benefits, including the following:

  • Eliminating flow disruptions like ratholes and stuck material
  • Minimizing the need for manual labor to dislodge material
  • Improving unloading speeds with less downtime
  • Increasing operator safety
  • Decreasing trailer damage caused by hammering and pounding
  • Having quick-installing, portable options like portable vacuum clamp vibrators

Advantages of Choosing Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc.

When you partner with Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., you’ll work with a team that has provided solutions for feed trailers and other applications since 1980. We manufacture many of our products in-house and have the engineering capabilities to customize a material flow solution specific to your needs. We pride ourselves on the superior performance, efficiency and durability of the products we manufacture, as our solutions often last many years longer than equipment offered by competitors. 

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