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Hydraulic Vibrators

Hydraulic Vibrator Applications

Our vibrators offer efficient, reliable choices for cost-effective performance in intermittent operation across a range of applications:

  • MATERIAL HANDLING. Assure a smooth flow of materials in vibratory screening or feeder applications. Prevent bridging, arching, rat holing or clogging of materials in bulk storage bins and hoppers for dry bulk material handling applications.
  • COMPACTION. Ensure consistent consolidation and compaction of materials in casting forms and concrete applications, to assure more consistent product quality. 
  • TESTING. Create controllable, repeatable performance in vibration table applications.

With their ruggedness and durability, Deca’s Rotary Hydraulic Vibrators effectively operate in extreme cold and heat. A sealed design enables them to be mounted in any position and withstand exposure to dirt, dust, and water in all types of operating environments. It also eliminates concerns about electrical hazards in wet environments or applications requiring frequent wash downs. 

These units are designed to produce more force for their size, weight, and cost than other electric or pneumatic vibrator designs, so they deliver big power from a small footprint. Speed of operation can be adjusted by moderating the flow of hydraulic fluid to create a wide range of force outputs. Amplitude regulation is made through adjustment of adjustable eccentric weights. 

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Low-maintenance designs and rugged construction contribute to cost-efficient performance over the life of these units in any application. More important, task-specific mounting and operating characteristics deliver more efficient performance in designated applications.

  • Rotary hydraulic vibrators operate in extreme cold and heat, as well as in dusty, dirty, or wet environments.
  • Regulating the hydraulic fluid flow rate controls force output.
  • Amplitude can be changed by adjustable eccentric weights.
  • Low-maintenance designs limit service requirements to only occasional bearing and seal replacement.
  • Sealed designs withstand the harshest, dirtiest, sloppiest work environments and wash-down procedures, without concerns about electrical hazards.
  • PERMANENTLY MOUNTED DRHE ROTARY HYDRAULIC VIBRATORS represent Deca’s most affordable solution for hydraulic drive vibrator performance. Amplitudes can be controlled by adjustable eccentric weights. Bi-directional motor can be run in either direction, as desired. 
  • SERIES DH ROTARY HUDRAULIC VIBRATORS are the most compact Deca hydraulic vibrators. Permanent mounting styles provides a solid connection for maximum efficiency in vibrating bins and hoppers for dry bulk material handling applications. Portable mounting styles are particularly well suited for railcar unloading applications and compaction applications for concrete casting and refractory forms. 
  • SERIES DMH ROTARY HYDRAULIC VIBRATORS are the most powerful units in the Deca line of rotary hydraulic vibrators – generating up to 5,770 lbs. of output force. They are available in both permanent and portable mounting styles, for maximum application versatility. Compact size and relatively light weight – as compared to their output forces – make them a solid value for dry bulk material handling, vibratory tables, or casting processes involving concrete and refractory materials.


  • MULTIPLE MOUNTING STYLES accommodate different work environments and application needs. 
  • FOOT-MOUNTED PERMANENT INSTALLATION assures maximum transmission of vibration in fixed-use applications. 
  • CRADLE-MOUNTING INSTALLATION – in weld-on, bolt-on, clamp-on, and wedge-bracket styles – allows for a single unit to be shared easily from location to location, as needed. Use it to swap a single vibrator unit among multiple storage vessels or casting forms, for economy and production flexibility.
  • CLAMP-ON CRADLE MOUNTING STYLE creates optimum convenience for adapting portable hydraulic vibrator units to multi-location use, without requiring any mounting bracket to be affixed permanently to the object being vibrated.
  • WEDGE-BRACKET CRADLE MOUNTING STYLE can be used anywhere interchangeable mounting is desired, but is especially tailored to bulk rail cars equipped with the standard female portion of the vibrator mounting bracket. This solution enables one vibrator to be switched from railcar to railcar in a matter of minutes for quick and convenient unloading of a wide range of dry bulk materials. 

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Which Hydraulic Vibrator Design is Right For Your Needs?

Quality equipment is only part of the value that Deca provides for our customers. We also keep a large quantity of stock and we have the know-how to help you troubleshoot, select, and implement the appropriate vibrator format. Yet, even after you have decided that a hydraulic powered vibrator is right for your application, multiple designs and mounting styles offer options for a range of output forces, vibration frequency, and amplitude options. 

If you are ready to solve your material flow, compaction, or vibratory table issues, pick up the phone and ask to speak to one of our experienced material-handling experts. They can help you make it easier to evaluate and identify your best options, based on the specific requirements of your application, your material characteristics, and your workflow processes. Call now at (800) 974-9422, or Contact Us!