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Hydraulic Vibrators

Our Hydraulic Vibrator Inventory

Our inventory features products in three different series, including:

We want to enhance your operations with low-maintenance equipment that delivers outstanding and cost-efficient performance. If you’re curious about which of our hydraulic vibratory motors would best suit your needs, you can always reach out to our team for expert advice and information about custom solutions.

Key Applications for Hydraulic Vibrators

These machines feature a rotating hydraulic vibrating motor with unbalanced eccentric weights attached. During operation, the uneven force from the weights produces consistent vibrations.

Vibration is handy for a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  • Material handling: Hydraulic vibrators are a go-to piece of equipment for jobs requiring a smooth flow of materials. The vibrations are integral to combatting clogging, bridging and rat-holing. They are also useful for prepping materials in large bins, hoppers or chutes for discharge enhancement. 
  • Railcar unloading: Vibrators can attach to railcars and use quick back-and-forth movements to dislodge and unload materials. The frequency and amplitude of the vibrating equipment are necessary for dealing with clumped or compacted particles and increasing their flow.
  • Trucks: There are many applications for hydraulic vibratory motors relating to different types of vehicles, such as sanitation vacuum trucks and dump trucks. The vibrations enhance the truck’s bulk material handling performance and efficiency while reducing the need for manual labor.
  • Screening and sorting: You can also leverage hydraulic vibrators to enhance screening and sorting applications. The vibrations encourage the materials to separate, making it easier to pick and organize according to size or density. Consistent movement helps reduce friction and enhance flowability so that the screening process is more efficient and accurate. 
  • Compaction: A major use of hydraulic vibrators is to compact and consolidate different materials, such as concrete, soil, gravel or asphalt. High-frequency vibrations make the materials more dense and compact over time, helping them achieve more consistent and reliable results.
  • Conveyers and feeders: A hydraulic vibrator plays an important role in achieving accurate feeding and orientation for bulk materials. The vibrations create a consistent material flow, helping to combat blockages and uneven distribution.

Choosing the Right Hydraulic Vibrator

A few key factors will help you determine the right hydraulic vibrator for your unique needs.


One of the most important elements to keep in mind when selecting a hydraulic vibrator is the specific requirements for your applications, such as:

  • Desired flow rates.
  • Conveying distance.
  • Materials used.

Also, consider your environment and the special characteristics of your applications. For example, you may work with highly abrasive materials or in a facility with hazardous conditions.

Size and Power Requirements

Once you understand the requirements of your specific application, you can find a machine that is appropriately sized and delivers the right amount of power. You must consider the weight and density of your materials and the space available for your operation. 

Choosing the right-sized model with adequate power requirements is key to supporting high efficiency and performance without straining the equipment.

Vibration Parameters

Another important factor to consider is the vibration parameters needed for your applications. Different models offer different settings and controls for intensity, amplitude and frequency.

Learn more about each model and the capabilities of their hydraulic vibratory motors. Selecting the right vibrator is key to harnessing the most advantageous movements to suit your specific material needs and achieve the desired results.

Mounting Options

Portable mounting hydraulic vibrators

When picking the right hydraulic vibrator, you also want to explore the different mounting options available. Permanent mounting may be the best choice if you work from a fixed location or have continuous operational needs. Portable mounting offers greater flexibility and versatility for temporary or changing needs.


As you explore different hydraulic vibrators for your applications, be sure to work with a trusted manufacturer known for durable, reliable equipment. At Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the perfect models for their unique requirements. We specialize in customizable vibration equipment tailored to your applications and facility. Our team will ensure you get the solutions needed to support reliability, operational efficiency and superior performance.

Why Partner With Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc.?

When you partner with Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., you can enjoy many advantages, including:

Custom Vibrating Solutions

Off-the-shelf vibrators may not have what your business needs to succeed. At Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., we can customize all of our vibration equipment to meet your operation’s specific requirements. With our help, you can achieve unparalleled performance and efficiency from a solution designed and manufactured for your particular facility, applications and materials.

Improved Return on Investment

With our built-to-spec hydraulic vibration solutions, you can maximize your return on investment and enjoy a 100% performance guarantee when you set up your equipment to project specifications. We want to help you achieve peak performance in a way that works for your budget.

Decades of Experience

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. opened its doors in 1980 and has been in business for over 40 years. We are eager to help you reap the benefits of our expertise and get the reliable vibrating solutions needed to supercharge your applications and overall operations.

Unmatched Customer Service

Our customers are our top priority. When you partner with us, you’ll get superior products and services backed with tremendous customer service. We want to help you get the most out of our solutions. Our specialists are here for you every step of the way, from selecting the right model to ensuring it is performing properly.

Contact us for more information about our Hydraulic Vibrators

Contact Us for More Information About Our Hydraulic Vibrators

Looking for a reliable, compact rotary hydraulic vibrator? Check out the line from Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. We have a wide selection of choices available, along with mounting options to enhance application flexibility.

We specialize in industrial vibration solutions that are build-to-spec, so you get exactly what you are looking for. As your partner, we are dedicated to helping you leverage the power of custom designs. As a result, you get the equipment needed to support and grow your operation.

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