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DCM VACUUM CLAMP PORTABLE VIBRATORS – Lightweight, portable vacuum-mount bases provide an easy way to apply linear and rotary pneumatic vibration in applications that make it impractical to use a permanently mounted vibrator, or require only intermittent use. These units are used successfully to clean bins and clear blockages in dry bulk material handling applications, as well as to aid compaction in packaging and molding applications.

  • Powerful suction cups adhere to almost any fairly smooth surface – metal, plastic, pipes, even cardboard containers – where vibrators cannot be permanently attached by conventional means. 
  • Separate air hoses for vacuum generation and for vibrator activation assure positive connections for maximum agitation.
  • A special vacuum generator creates a powerful grip for mounting in intermittent application needs or for adhering to objects moving down a production or packaging line.
  • A safety cable delivers added convenience and security in use.
  • Fits curved containers as small as 4 inches in diameter, or flat plane surfaces as small as 8 inches by 3 inches.
  • Linear vibrator models are useful for moving, feeding, screening, or compacting all types of materials in small bins, hoppers, pipes and chutes. Linear impact vibrators offer low-frequency/high-amplitude performance to help with sticky materials.
  • Rotary roller vibrators keep fine or granular materials flowing freely, while turbine vibrator models provide very high frequency vibration for very fine dry powders.


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Product Table

Item #
Suitable Vibrators
Minimum Air Supply Hose
DBV-8, DBV-10, DTV-8, DTV-10, DLV-15NL, DLV-22NL, PLVNL-12, PLVNL-18, PLVNL-25, DRV-50, DOV-15P, DOVAL-18
4.0" (110 mm)
8.0" X 3.0" (203 mm x 76 mm)
3.3 Lbs (3.3 kg)
DBV-13, DBV-16, DBV-20, DBV-25, DTV-13, DTV-16, DTV-20, DTV-25, DLV-22NL, DLV-30NL, PLVNL-25, PLVNL-35, DRV-80, DI-150S
14.0" (350 mm)
12.0" X 5.0" (305 mm x 127 mm)
6.6 lbs
DBV-8, DBV-13, DBV-16, DTV-10, DTV-13, DTV-16, DLV-15NL, DLV-22NL, DLV30NL, PLVNL-12, PLVNL-18, PLVNL-25, PLVNL-35, DRV-50, DRV-65, DOV-15P, DOV-25, DOVAL-18, DOV-AL25
30.0" (760 mm)
6.0" X 6.0" (152 mm x 152 mm)
5.5 lbs
DBV-20, DBV-25, DBV-30, DBV-36, DTV-20, DTV-25, DTV-30, DRV-80, DLV-30NL, DLV-45NL, DLV-60NL, PLVNL-25, PLVNL-35, PLVNL-50M, PLVNL-75/01, PLVNL-50/01, DI-150S, DOVAL-25, DOVAL-40
30.0" (760 mm)
14.0" X 6.0" (356 mm x 152 mm)
10 lbs
34.0" (860 mm)
18.0" X 8.0" (457 mm x 203 mm)
40 lbs
DTV-30. DTV-36. DRV-100. DLV-60NL, PLVNL-60M, PLVNL-95M
34.0" (860 mm)
18.0" X 8.0" (457 mm x 203 mm)
18.7 lbs
DBV-20, DBV-25, DTV-20, DTV-25, DRV-80, DLV-60NL, PLVNL-50M, PLVNL-60M, PLV-54/02, DOVAL-40
34.0" (860 mm)
8.0" X 8.0" (203 mm x 203 mm)
8.8 lbs
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