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Pneumatic Whips For Bin & Silo Clearing


A whip for bins and silos key function is to maximize the productivity of your storage vessels by keeping them as free-flowing as possible, through the use of pneumatic and hydraulic “whips” that clear out material build-up within storage vessels, all while remaining a relatively portable piece of equipment.

Force Vector is a sister company to Deca Vibrator, providing complementary products and services to our material handling equipment solutions. 

Keeping dry material in silos, storage bins, and hoppers flowing freely is essential for sustaining optimal plant productivity, and Force Vector Inc.’s pneumatic and hydraulic powered whips are the safest, most effective solution for maintaining continuously operating process streams. Able to eliminate build-ups of any dry media including grain, flour, salt, sugar, coal, ores, and cement powder, our whip systems successfully clear build ups, restore maximum flow rates, and recover lost storage capacity.

The portable devices are lowered in from the top of the silo and operated remotely — cleared material simply falls to the base of the silo for easy extraction by normal means. Safe to use, there is no need for an operator to enter into a potentially dangerous confined space and there is no risk of vessel damage. Our whip systems feature a boom reach of 7′ to 21′ and are suitable for use in containers measuring up to 150′ in depth — all that’s required is an 18″ x 18″ access way to drop and maneuver the positioning booms and cutting tools.

We supply the units as a complete package including hose reel and mount assembly, power unit, cleaning head, telescoping booms, and a variety of whips and cutting edges to knock down even the toughest materials. Our turnkey systems are cost effective, reliable, and can be used in active process streams and in hazardous and sensitive locations.
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Product Table

Item #
Power Source
Air Pressure (Max)
Air Usage (Max)
Minimum Air Supply Hose
Manhole Opening Size
Bin and Silo Cleaning
100 PSI
3/4" ID
24" X 24"

The Pneumatic Whip Bin Cleaning System

If your work involves keeping silos, storage bins and hoppers working efficiently or you manage cost effectiveness and productivity – you need the Pneumatic Whip Bin Cleaning System. The Pneumatic Whip Bin Cleaning System is the safe alternative for cleaning blocked or compacted silos. It is a completely portable, remote-controlled tool that can be lowered into storage containers through a manhole opening. Powered by compressed air, the patented Pneumatic motor uses a variety of whips and cutting edges to knock down even the toughest materials without damaging the walls of the storage bins.

In order to run a productive operation, it’s imperative that you keep your bins and silo clean and free from debris. The Deca pneumatic whip bin cleaning system with power lance is the right tool for this important job. It’s everything you need to keep your storage container free from blocks and compaction while maintaining the safety of your work site. In addition, the whip bin system is 100% portable, and full remote, radio operated making it a great solution for containers where access is only available through small or hard to reach openings. It’s powered by a patented pneumatic motor which provides high pressure compressed air which makes quick work of hardened and packed materials without causing damage to your bin walls.

The Safe Choice for Bin and Silo Cleaning

The Deca pneumatic whip bin cleaning system with power lance technology is a fantastic choice for anyone who is responsible for keeping their company’s storage bins working at peak efficiency. That’s because it’s highly effective at destroying the build-ups and material blockages that cause expensive downtime and production errors in a safe, cost effective way.

How it Works

The Deca pneumatic whip for bin and silo cleaning features a patented pneumatic motor which produces large volumes of compressed air to power a proprietary combination of whips and specialized cutting edges which effectively break and knock down tough to clean, hardened materials on the sidewalls of bins and other containers without causing any damage to the bin itself.
The whip for bins and silos is designed to be a complete solution. It requires no extra components beyond your compressed air system, and you can rest assured that there are no “gotcha” installation charges. We’re happy to answer any additional questions you might have about the system so just give us a call to learn more!

Safety First

Many of our customers are extremely concerned about the safety of their workers when discussing any bin cleaning operation. We’re always excited to explain the pneumatic whip system to these clients. That’s because it is extremely safe to operate due to its remote controlled operation, and highly portable design which allows it to be lowered into silos through the manhole entrance.

Reasons to Choose a Pneumatic Whip for Bin and Silo Cleaning

Deca Vibrator provides preferred solutions for Bin and Silo Cleaning because our equipment does more than get the job done. It gets the job done right, every time.

  • Fast, Safe elimination of all types of bin backups.
  • Handles difficult or dangerous highly compacted materials
  • Quick assembly (takes only 20 minutes to assemble)
  • Can be operated by only 2 people
  • Works with bins of all shapes and sizes
  • Can be operated remotely from outside the bin
  • Low power requirements
  • Proven effective on all types of products all over the world
  • Can restore bin capacity to 100% when used as directed
  • It is the safest storage cleaning system on the market
  • Expert Advice: Deca has a team of bin cleaning specialists with over 50 years of experience on staff. We’re ready to apply our knowledge to solving your specific problem and completely addressing your concerns.
  • Full Range of Solutions: Deca has a complete product range to help you address product buildups today and design a comprehensive solution so they don’t continue tomorrow. It’s part of our full circle approach to material flow solutions.
  • World Class Support: Deca has built our business on treating customers the way we want to be treated. This philosophy is most evident in our service after the sale. It’s the reason so many of our customers call us again and again and why we’re sure you’ll love the way we do business.

Ask about Our Cleaning Program!

We often tell our customers that the best way to prevent a major problem is to address a minor one. A consistently scheduled bin cleaning program is the best defense against major, costly problems. We can design and execute a bin cleaning program that will provide long term peace of mind and predictable performance from your operation.

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