Series DOV-AL - Pneumatic Oscillating Linear with External Piston (Aluminum) (4 Products)

DOV AL Series - Linear pneumatic oscillating vibration aluminum body
  • 4 Models to choose from
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Linear force range up to 250 lbs
  • Ideal for compacting, feeding, settling of lightweight and large particle size materials where large amplitudes are required
  • Very effective on small screens for materials of low specific gravity, granular materials and powder
  • Used as Drives for Deca’s Vibration Tables and Natural Frequency Feeders
  • Highly versatile: force & amplitude can be changed by adding additional mass to piston or housing
  • Precisely controlled: frequency & amplitude can be controlled independently
  • Extremely quiet
  • Extremely air efficient
  • External piston
  • Low frequency/high amplitude
  • Can start in any position
  • Excellent start/stop characteristics
  • Minimum lubrication, some models lubrication free
  • 3-way valve required to ensure consistent starting and reliable operation
  • ATEX certification available upon request
  • Explosion proof
  • Includes exhaust silencer and inlet fitting

DOV-AL Series Pneumatic Linear Vibrators with External Piston are similar to the Standard DOV design but have anodised aluminum housings which can be operated on greatly reduced lubrication and in some cases can be lubrication free. Linear vibrating force is delivered by a noiseless air cushioned piston. Frequency and amplitude can be regulated independently. Using additional masses the vibrator is able to work at low frequencies and to generate large amplitudes. DOV-AL linear oscillating vibrators combine the advantages of low frequency rotary vibrators (large amplitudes) with those of magnetic vibrators (adjustable amplitudes). Additionally, they have the advantage of being able to select the most suitable frequency to obtain optimum results.

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Product Table

Item #
Frequency (Max)
Force Output (Max)
Force Output Adjustment
Air Inlet Size
Low - 3,400 (Max)
Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation & Exhaust Adjustment
0.22 lbs
Low - 2,250 (Max)
Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation & Exhaust Adjustment
1/8" BSPP
1.61 lbs
Low - 2,020 (Max)
Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation & Exhaust Adjustment
1/4" BSPP
3.11 lbs
Low - 2,010 (Max)
Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation & Exhaust Adjustment
1/4" BSPP
5.64 lbs
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