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Space efficiency is a crucial consideration in any business’s shipping process. Finding ways to consolidate materials can help you save money and increase efficiency. Vibratory compaction tables can improve your operations by settling and compacting the materials in a container before shipment. 

At Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., we develop a range of compaction tables in various sizes built for different applications. With over 40 years of experience serving clients on six continents, we have the knowledge and skills it takes to develop the most effective compaction tables available. Work with Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. for efficient tools, excellent 24-hour customer service and 100% satisfaction with every order. 

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Vibratory Compaction Tables

Vibratory compaction tables meet various industries’ needs by flattening material buildup in a packaging box or compacting material in bulk bags, allowing for easy, efficient storage and shipping. Use compaction tables to consolidate and de-air concrete, chemicals and frozen food.

Across various industries, compaction tables can produce numerous benefits, including: 

  • Increased efficiency. Save time and money by cutting container costs. Compacting material allows you to fit more product in fewer containers, reducing the number of containers needed and the space required to store and ship them. Compaction also limits the materials’ ranges of motion, preventing spills and the loss of profitable products. Compaction tables are semi- or fully automatable, allowing you to cut costs by reducing staff hours. 
  • Job-specificity. When you purchase compaction tables from Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., we’ll work with you to tailor your table to your application. Our tables come with a variety of standard or customizable configurations, ensuring that your table meets the specific power and durability needs of your industry. With our vibratory tables, you’ll get the most value from your investment through a product designed with your application in mind. 
  • Simplicity. Vibratory compaction tables from Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. are robust and durable — they’ll hold up through heavy use with minimal need for maintenance. When you need to perform maintenance, we build our tables using few parts, allowing for a quick and easy fix. Focus your attention on getting the job done rather than frequently stopping to fix your compaction table or adjust it for a new application. 

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Why Choose Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc.?

At Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., we’re proud of our expansive knowledge of the field and an unparalleled knack for customer service. Because we manufacture our compaction tables with the best materials and design techniques, you can count on them to last with minimal operating costs even under heavy use. 

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. equipment comes with a 100% performance guarantee when set up in adherence with our recommendations. We value direct work with our customers to ensure they get the greatest return on their investment. That’s why our dedicated customer service team is available for 24-hour support. 

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Numerous industries can use vibratory compaction tables to save money and improve efficiency. To learn more about our products and rates, call our team at 855-969-4313 or contact us online today.

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