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Bin & Silo Cleaning by Force Vector

Use Force Vector Bin and Silo Cleaning solutions to prevent bulk material handling blockages from disrupting your operations or productivity.

Silos are so important for your farm and if it stops working because of a clog or damage, then production suffers. Your main storage system for grains and animal feed must be kept hygienic and usable to maintain the productivity and quality of your farm. Routine inspections should be a way of life for owners as well as cleaning.

Cleaning a silo isn’t just something you get up on a Sunday morning and knock out in a few hours. It takes time, the right machinery, and most importantly expertise to accomplish a good silo cleaning. Since a silo needs to be cleaned about two times a year, it’s imperative that you develop a good cleaning system for these giant storage structures.

One way to accomplish this task is to get a silo cleaning machine that takes care of blockage the safe way. Deca’s products provide the right solution whether you have a cement silo, concrete silo, or another type. Our systems were designed with the customer in mind and it’ll help take care of any maintenance needed to keep your farm running smoothly.

Force Vector is a sister company to Deca Vibrator, providing complementary products and services to our material handling equipment lines. We bring bin & silo cleaning equipment, and decades of experience in its application.  By combining the Cardox CO² System and the Whip Systems, we’ll help unclog and put your silos back to 100% capacity.

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What Bin/Silo Cleaning Challenges are You Facing?

Industrial silos are used to store a great variety of materials, from food products to concrete mixture. A major problem with silos, whether filled with food product or some other materials such as cement, is the build-up of residue on the interior, bridging problems and build-up on vertical walls. This ultimately reduces the volume of fresh product the silo will hold and may eventually make the silo unusable.

Deca provides quicker, easier, better ways to remove the most stubborn blockages and restore material flow to full efficiency in clogged bins, storage vessels, and production kilns – without danger to maintenance personnel or your production equipment and facilities.

Here is just a partial list of the problems Deca blockage clearing systems can resolve for you…

  • Arching, Bridging, and Blockages
  • Caked-on Materials
  • Compaction from Long Term Storage
  • Hygroscopic Material Clumping
  • Lime Kiln Rings
  • Rat Holing
  • Residues and Build-up


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Bin and Silo Cleaning for All Materials

Whatever your bulk material characteristics – hydroscopic materials or powders, minerals, organic materials, fine or coarse granular particles – and whatever the bulk material handling equipment – bins silos, hoppers, bunkers, other storage vessels, even rotary kilns – there is a Deca Bin or Silo Cleaning solution to match.

Cardox Tube in Tube Holder
Coal Silo Railcar Loading Area
Cement Hoppers
Multiple Locations of Cardox

Here are a few of the materials we work with the most. 

  • Cement
  • Gypsum
  • Grain
  • Flour
  • Maize
  • Soybean
  • Sugar
  • Animal Feed
  • Coal
  • Fertilizer
  • Catalyst
  • Ore
  • Powder
  • Dust
  • Ash
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Lime


Why Choose Deca for Bin and Silo Cleaning?

Each Deca solution shares common attributes that make problems disappear quickly and cost-effectively.

  • VERSATILITY – Deca blockage-clearing solutions can be adapted to an extensive range of applications. Ask a Deca representative to show you a case-study profile of the most practical and cost-effective solution for your specific needs.
  • ACCESSIBILITY – Deca bin and silo cleaning systems let you attack blockages from the outside, using small access points to insert the appropriate equipment into the blocked vessel. Properly installed, our equipment does the job without requiring workers to enter the vessel or exposing them to the materials inside.
  • CONTROLLED PROCESS – Deca blockage clearing solutions do not depend on uncontrollable brute force, but rather on directed effort. They provide controlled, pinpoint solutions for attacking blockages without damaging the storage vessel, production equipment, or areas surrounding the material to be removed.
  • SAFETY – Unlike explosive materials, Deca solutions provide safe and controlled choices for remedying problems from outside the vessel. Because these solutions use either compressed air or the cooling discharge of inert CO2 expansion from liquid to gas, there are no issues with potential ignition of air-gas-dust mixtures within the blocked vessel.


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Bin and Silo Cleaning Applications by Industry

Deca bin and silo clearing solutions have achieved excellent results across a broad range of troublesome applications, including:

Exert the Right Impact for Your Application

Compare the performance characteristics of each Deca blockage clearing solution to the size and stubbornness of your material blockage concerns. For active bin and silo applications handling powdered materials, the pneumatic whip is an excellent on-demand resource for resolving occasional build-up situations. For more problematic materials or situations where the build-up has had a longer time to solidify, the Cardox System offers a more aggressive directed-force solution to break up thicker and tougher clogs.


Pneumatic Whip for Bin and Silo Cleaning

Whether your storage vessel includes a vibrator or not, problematic materials can eventually create a clog or become impacted within the vessel, bringing material flow to a halt. The Pneumatic Whip Bin and Silo Cleaning System uses the power of compressed air to slice through compacted material and remedy blockages, arching, bridging, rat holing, or compaction. It offers multiple convenient advantages over other approaches:

  • FAST, SAFE elimination of material backups includes difficult or dangerous highly compacted materials. When used as directed, it can restore bin capacity to 100%.
  • QUICK, EASY SET UP requires only about 20 minus of effort. The system can be set-up and operated by only two people. There is no need for personnel to enter the silo or hopper.
  • VERSATILE, THOROUGH CLEANING is accomplished in bins of all shapes and sizes. Compressed air drives a variety of whips and cutting edges to knock down even the toughest, most stubborn material blockages without damaging walls. Performance has been proven effective on all types of materials all over the world.

For routine silo cleaning, the pneumatic whip system can be installed through a small port on the top of the silo. 


Cardox Systems for Loosening Cumulative Build-up

As a solution that harnesses the rapid expansion of carbon dioxide from a liquid form to a gas – expanding to 600 times the original volume – strategically placed Cardox tubes have the ability to disperse very large material blockages. Because workers do not have to enter the clogged enclosure, there is no danger of exposure to heat, contaminated air, or loosened material falling on them to harm or even bury them. Unlike shotgun methods, there is no danger of being too close to a blast area, and unlike water injection there is no risk of being exposed to flying debris.

  • BINS AND SILOS – A Cardox System solution is useful in just about any bin, silo, or hopper subject to large-scale clogging or build-up. Access problem areas through inspection hatches or through sockets mounted into the silo wall. Regulate the pressures needed to clear the blockage, too, from 1,200 bar (18,000 psi) to 3,000 bar (40,000 psi) maximum pressure. This approach has been proven to work with a wide range of materials – grain, flour, maize, soya, salt, sugar, cement, gypsum, coal, fertilizer, catalyst, ores, powders, etc.
  • ROTARY KILNS – Cardox discharge tubes are mounted and activated externally to remove lime rings, soda balls, or other kiln build-up without having to enter the kiln. This creates the ability to resolve problematic accumulation without a costly long-term cool-down and shutdown period.
  • QUARRYING, MINING, TUNNELING – The non-explosive Cardox solution is safe to use even in sensitive areas – close to gas, electric, water, and other utilities. Its directional discharge is controllable, making it a good viable alternative to conventional dynamite or other explosives for concrete demolition, quarrying, open-cut excavation, foundation excavation, trench excavation, or tunneling excavation.
  • UNDERWATER EXCAVATION – Without the shock wave of an explosive, and with minimal vibration, the Cardox system can be activated while divers are still underwater, without affecting marine life or nearby structures and vessels.


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The Deca Air Slide Flow Aid System

Although the Deca Air-Slide Flow Aid System is not designed to break up solidified types of caked-on materials, such as kiln build-ups, it does offer a better way to maintain free-flowing materials in bins and silos. Use the link on any page of this website to access the Deca Air-Slide story, including an animation of how it works and multiple case study profiles of applications where it has delivered guaranteed 100% satisfaction.


See Your Way Clear to Trouble-Free Productivity

The bigger the blockage, the more you stand to gain from an in-depth discussion with a Deca bin and silo clearing specialist. You will learn the benefits of each approach and the best ways to harness the right technology for the most effective short-term and long-term results. You can also study the results documented by case studies with materials and equipment much like yours. Learn from more than 35 years of Deca experience with the most problematic compaction and dry bulk materials handling applications. Call us at (708) 974-2586, or Contact Us!