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When An Off-The-Shelf Solution Doesn’t Cut It

There are many issues that can disrupt material flow operations in silos, bins, hoppers and the like. The resulting process inefficiencies can limit your ability to deliver the top-notch service your customers demand — and take a big bite out of your business’s profits.

If you’re relying on off-the-shelf material handling solutions offered by those high-volume equipment manufacturers or industrial equipment stores, you’re probably not experiencing the results you need to fulfill your performance and productivity expectations. And that likely means you’re losing business to your competitors.

Implementing custom material flow solutions designed for your company can significantly enhance your processing results and help you gain an advantage in today’s highly competitive marketplace. At Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., we specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom material handling systems built to our customers’ specifications.

By serving as our customers’ agile manufacturing partner, we’re able to help a vast array of businesses in industries such as feed & grain, fertilizer manufacturing, aggregates and many others improve their material flow and processing capabilities and maximize their productivity.

Custom Material Flow Solutions Deliver Better Results 

When it comes to raw materials processing, no two operations are exactly like. While standard off-the-shelf equipment may deliver adequate results in general processing applications, they often fall short in solving a company’s specific material handling challenges. For example, a stock product may not be able to prevent issues such as bridging, ratholing and arching, which are common occurrences in food and beverage, pulp and paper, chemical and pharmaceutical processing applications.

At Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., we take a consultative approach to material handling systems. You will get the added value of our years of industry expertise to deliver custom equipment specifically designed and built for your company. We will take the time to examine your entire processing operation and develop a custom material handling solution tailored to your business needs.

Materials Processing Equipment Designed For Your Application

As a Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. customer, you benefit from our commitment to achieving total customer satisfaction. Our ability to customize our equipment means you’ll receive a solution that’s custom designed for your specific material flow problem. You can count on us to provide continuous support long after the sale to ensure your equipment will meet your evolving processing needs.

We provide custom material handling systems of impeccable quality. As a low-volume manufacturer, we’re able to focus on the details that make a meaningful difference in equipment performance. We use precision components that maximize productivity and longevity — our build-to-spec products typically outlast those of our competitors by several years.

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