Series DI Pneumatic Impacting Hammer (Aluminum) (3 Products)

DI Series - Pneumatic hammers

Deca’s Pneumatic Impacting Vibrators are designed to give a high shock force suitable for knocking off stubborn sticky, tacky material adhering to container walls, which in turn would diminish the possibility of bridging and rat-holing. These impactors simulate hammer blows by producing a low frequency, very high amplitude linear impact force. Because these units are low frequency, they are less apt to pack material in the container. Compressed air moves the piston against the spring. The air is then released resulting in the high force impact. These impacts are adjustable from 6 to 100 per minute using Deca’s Pneumatic Control Unit. The Control Unit must be located within 1 meter from the vibrator for optimum operation.

Deca brand High Energy Impactors were engineered to effectively address material buildups and backups in your bin or hopper. Single impact air knockers (impactors for short) create one hammer blast on the adjacent bin wall at a specific interval. Unlike traditional linear vibrators, the single impact action they produce does not encourage packing of your material. In addition, Deca impacting vibrators produce less noise and use less air than traditional piston vibrators.

How The DI Series Works

  • The DI Series work in much the same way as a man with a hammer might: by creating strong, large amplitude, low frequency, linear impact forces. This action is precisely what reduces the risk of material packing in your bin.
  • Deca impact vibrators utilize a spring loaded weight system. After you’ve attached a compressed air source, the pressure modifies the piston position and moves it against the spring. Once the spring reached the open position, a valve releases the air quickly. The pressure is relieved and the weight is then free to fall with a very strong impacting motion.
  • The DI Series impactors are adjustable from 6 to 100 cycles per minute using Deca’s Pneumatic Control Unit. Ask about available controller and timer configurations when you speak to our sales staff.
  • Key Point: Our control unit cannot be positioned more than 1 meter from the vibrator otherwise you risk malfunction due to loss of connection.
  • Deca pneumatic impactors are made to produce a single impact as low as an interval of every fourteen seconds. The interval can be altered to your specifications through the use of a timing mechanism. Although piston vibrators are suitable for continuous use, Deca recommends that they be used intermittently as this will maximize the energy efficiency and useful life of the unit. They replace your, “man with a hammer!”

Recommended Use

  • Recommended for dis-continuous use (4 to 8 hours per day)
  • Dust collection bins, rail cars, hoppers with stubborn materials as well as Dryer bins, and Cyclones
  • Recommended for hoppers with a wall thickness 2mm – 8mm and higher

Why Deca

  • Experience: Deca Vibrator are skilled problem solvers. Rest assured the flow issues that hamper your manufacturing process and destroy your profit margins are no match for our sales engineers. When you engage us, we’ll deploy more than fifty years of experience on your behalf with the sole purpose of eliminating your material handling issues.
  • Terms: Money is always a part of the decision making process, but we’re going to come to the table with creative terms, and competitive pricing which will fit anyone’s budget. It’s all part of our commitment to do what’s best for our customers.
  • Solutions: We’ve got strong relationships with the right suppliers, and we produce extremely high quality products. A call to use is the first step in addressing your bulk powder flow issues.
  • One-Stop-Shop: One call does it all. If you’ve got powder and it’s backing up then Deca has all the resources you need to get the job knocked out efficiently and correctly.
  • Service: You might be able to find a “cheap and nasty” price down the road, but rest assured that when you need support you’ll wish you had called us. We’ve been around for a long time and we do business for the long haul that’s what keeps our customers coming back!
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Product Table

Item #
Frequency (Max)
Force Output Adjustment
Material in Tapered Portion of Bin (Max)
Air Inlet Size
Very Low 6 - 100 Impacts/Min
Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation
for Wall Thickness 2mm - 4mm
1/8" BSPP
7.0 lbs
Very Low 6 - 100 Impacts/Min
Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation
for Wall Thickness 3mm - 5mm
1/8" BSPP
24.0 lbs
Very Low 6 - 100 Impacts/Min
Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation
for Wall Thickness 4mm - 8mm
1/8" BSPP
49.0 lbs
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