Series LI Pneumatic High Energy Impacting Hammer (Steel) (4 Products)

LI Series - Pneumatic single impact hammer

Deca High Energy Impactors are available in four sizes and feature an adjustable force that is regulated by controlling the air pressure from 10 to 80 psi. High Energy Impactors are most effective on sticky material because they are less likely to cause packing. These units make less noise and consume less air than standard piston vibrators because they do not run continuously. A Timer, Push Button or Programmable Logic Controller, or any device capable of energizing a 3-way solenoid valve can activate High Energy Impactors.

Single impact air knockers (also called an air hammer) create a single hammer blast on the adjacent bin wall. Deca brand High Energy Impactors are extremely effective in handling sticky materials which build up in your bin or hopper. This is because the single impact action they produce creates a lower likelihood that they will cause material packing versus standard, continuous vibrators. In addition, impact vibrators produce less noise and use less air than traditional piston vibrators. Ask about available controller and timer configurations when you speak to our sales staff.

How They Work

  • Deca pneumatic impactors are made to produce a single impact as low as an interval of every fourteen seconds. The interval can be altered to your specifications through the use of a timing mechanism. Although piston vibrators are suitable for continuous use, Deca recommends that they be used intermittently as this will maximize the energy efficiency and useful life of the unit. They replace your, “man with a hammer!”

Recommended Use

  • Intermittent operation is suggested (4 to 8 hours per day)
  • Spray Dryers, Weigh Hoppers, Cyclones, and Containers not used for storage
  • Designed for use with bins of a wall thickness 2mm – 8mm

Why Deca

  • Experience: Deca Vibrator are experts at solving the material flow problems that plague your production line and eat up your profit. We’ve got over 50 years experience and we’re ready to apply all our knowledge to solve your problem.
  • Terms: Don’t let finances keep you from getting the solution you need! Deca works with all its customers to ensure that we are serving their best interests. This means being flexible when it comes to the payment terms of our relationship.
  • Solutions: Deca produces some of the highest quality material flow equipment made today. In addition, we’ve developed relationships for complimentary products made by other high quality suppliers. Rest assured we have the solutions you need.
  • One-Stop-Shop: Deca has all the accessories you need to get the job done! We even do site visits to troubleshoot and install your new equipment.
  • Service: Deca is dedicated to becoming a trusted resource to you and your company. As a result, we know that selling you a solution is just the beginning of our relationship not the end. We’ll remain available after the sale to ensure that the solution we provided meets all your demands.
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Product Table

Item #
Frequency (Max)
Force Output (Max)
Force Output Adjustment
Material in Tapered Portion of Bin (Max)
Air Inlet Size
Very Low 14 - 172 Impacts/Min
14 Ft. LBS
Timer & Air Pressure Regulation
For Wall Thickness 2mm - 4mm
3/8" NPT
18.0 lbs
Very Low 14 - 172 Impacts/Min
48 Ft. LBS
Timer & Air Pressure Regulation
for Wall Thickness 3mm - 5mm
1/2" NPT
24.0 lbs
Very Low 14 - 172 Impacts/Min
98 Ft. LBS
Timer & Air Pressure Regulation
for Wall Thickness 3mm - 5mm
1/2" NPT
58.0 lbs
Very Low 14 - 172 Impacts/Min
252 Ft. LBS
Timer & Air Pressure Regulation
for Wall Thickness 8mm & Larger
1/2" NPT
74.0 lbs
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