Series DRV - Rotary Pneumatic Roller (Aluminum) (4 Products)

DRV series - rotary pneumatic vibrator roller
  • 4 Models to choose from
  • Aluminum alloy body
  • One moving part
  • Great Acceleration
  • High centrifugal force
  • Moderate noise and air consumption
  • Best used for bins and hoppers and small concrete molds
  • Standard ATEX ExII3D certified

Deca’s DRV Series Rotary Pneumatic Roller Vibrators are characterized by the reduction or even the elimination of friction through high frequencies and high centrifugal forces. In the DRV vibrators vibration is generated by a rotor which makes an eccentric movement inside a steel race. These vibrators generate very high frequencies and centrifugal forces with low consumption as compared to the force given. They are used as flow aid devices on bins and hoppers to avoid bridging or rat holing, as well as for screening, compacting, molding dies, and for sorting and separation. For activation a 2/2 way electro valve on/off valve and filtered compressed air are required.

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Product Table

Item #
Frequency (Max)
Force Output (Max)
Force Output Adjustment
Material in Tapered Portion of Bin (Max)
Air Inlet Size
High - 29,500 (Max)
Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation
1/8" BSPP
0.81 lbs
High - 26,000 (Max)
Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation
1/4" BSPP
1.67 lbs
High - 21,500 (Max)
Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation
1/4" BSPP
2.79 lbs
High - 11,000 (Max)
Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation
3/8" BSPP
5.72 lbs
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