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Industrial Filter Cleaning Vibration Equipment

Facilities utilize industrial filters to protect product quality, workers’ health and the valuable machinery within the system from airborne contaminants. Filter cleaning is an essential step within manufacturing environments like aggregate and chemical material processing, removing built-up dust and particulate waste and collecting these solids in chutes and bins.

At Deca Vibrator Industries Inc., we manufacture the highest-quality electric vibrators for industrial filter cleaning applications. Our offerings are components of mechanical cleaning equipment that shakes off flue gas particulates collected on filter membranes. Our team has the knowledge and skills to tailor a recommendation for your intended application.

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Vibratory Equipment for Industrial Filter Cleaning Machinery

Equipment such as mechanically shaken baghouses, electrostatic precipitators, and other dust-collecting processes and equipment requires regular cleaning. Cleaning the filter media via reverse air or manual washing is at times ineffective at removing all buildup, leading to more frequent filter replacements and production interruptions. A shaking mechanism allows the filters to periodically shed contaminant buildup and duct it to a containment location.

Our FV product series includes multiple models of high-frequency rotary vibrators for any heavy-duty industrial cleaning operation. Our single-phase and three-phase vibrator configurations are widely compatible and easy to install, and their performance will quickly return your investment.

Our filter cleaning vibrators for sale offer:

  • Efficiency: Our equipment provides an optimal amount of mechanical movement to dislodge caked dust, whether as part of a manually controlled or automatic dust control system.
  • Environmental health: Industry workers are frequently warned of the respiratory hazards of inhaling dirty air in a working facility. Installing our rotary vibrators in your industrial filter cleaning equipment keeps your plant workers safe while requiring minimal direct intervention to maintain your system.
  • Longevity: Our solutions can prolong the life of industrial dust collector cartridge filters for less time and money spent replacing components. We also designed our equipment with robust materials to mitigate the effects of wear and stress and ensure they offer peak performance for years longer than the competition.

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Why Choose Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc.? 

Using over 40 years of industry experience, we serve hundreds of clients on six continents and deliver consistent results across all the equipment they utilize. Our design experts will be your knowledgeable consultants when you want to learn how to implement vibration equipment into your application. Custom project solutions for diverse applications are what drive us to be a leading provider for material handling and processing.

When our products are set up according to our recommendations, we can guarantee performance and 100% satisfaction. We have a dedicated customer service team available to provide 24-hour support and resources to continue getting the most out of your investment.

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Our team is committed to assisting the many industries we serve with quality products and low overhead costs. To request more information about our vibratory products and rates, use our online contact form or call us at 855-969-4313 today.