Series DVFD and DVGT Vibration Tables (2 Products)

Vibration Compaction Tables - DV Series

Customized Flat deck and grid top vibration table from small to intermediate sizes Standalone or inline systems Digital variable frequency drives for precise frequency control. Customized transport and vibration timing control available.

  • Custom designed & Built
  • Flat Top or Grid top models
  • Densifying, compaction, settling & deaerating
  • Uniform vibration
  • Foundries, Concrete and Refractories, Chemical and Bulk Materials, Food and Pharmaceutical Processing.

Deca’s Vibration Compaction Tables are custom designed and built to customer specifications. Offered in Flat Deck or Grid Top models, the built-in versatility of these tables solves a wide variety of processing problems. They are well suited for industrial applications, such as densifying, compacting, and settling bulk materials in containers such as boxes or drums, removal of entrapped air (deaerate), consolidating concrete or refractory in molds or forms, and for food processing and packaging.

Deca’s Vibration Compaction Tables are designed with pneumatic or electric vibrators with either linear or rotary vibration to meet your specific requirements. Vibration Compaction Tables with electric units have mechanically adjustable force outputs. The electric units can be a single motor (rotary vibration) or a twin counter rotating pair (linear vibration). Additionally, optional variable speed controllers are available for the electrically powered units.

Vibration Compaction Tables with pneumatic units are adjusted with inline pressure regulators. Other optional features include protective lined decks, bolt-on retainer guides, and outboard mounted motors for low profile designs.

DV Series compaction tables are customized to your individual needs making them perfect for producers who take pride in their work and demand precise operation from themselves and their equipment. Our compaction tables are ideal for small to medium sized operations. No matter whether you need compaction, densification or settling our tables are ready for anything you can throw at them!

Key Features

  • Pneumatic or Electric Drive System
  • Fully Customizable Design
  • Timing Controls available

Previous Applications

General Industrial

  • Various Bulk Materials
  • Activated Carbon
  • Powders
  • Glass Sand

Compacting Cartons & Boxes

  • Plastic Parts
  • Metal Parts

Food Preparation

  • Settling Frozen Foods
  • Deaeration of Liquids

Big Bag Compaction

  • Sand
  • Powdered Metals

Construction / Concrete

  • Foundry Sand
  • Concrete Compaction
  • Fiberglass Compaction

Why Deca Vibrator

  • Our goal is to become a valued extension of your internal production team, and a partner in the success of your company. Our experience goes back almost 50 years. During that time, we’ve seen a whole host of applications. We promised to bring all that experience to bear when you engage us to build equipment for your company.

What to Expect When You Start with Us

  • You’ll start with one of our highly experienced design professionals. That individual is going to carefully gather all the information we’ll need to help you solve your problem. We’ll then go to work designing a table that meets your unique needs. Before we go to work, we’ll submit a drawing for your review, and you’ll have the opportunity to give any modifications at that time. In many cases, we can design a table in just a few days and your table can be on its way to your facility in less than two weeks.
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Product Table

Item #
Deck Length
Deck Width
Table Height
Load Range
Flat Deck
Custom Sizes Avaialble
Custom Sizes Avaialble
Custom Sizes Avaialble
300-4000 LBS
Custom Sizes Avaialble
Custom Sizes Avaialble
Custom Sizes Avaialble
200-3000 LBS
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