Concrete Demolition with the use of the Cardox CO² System for the Marine Industry

Concrete Demolition Using the Cardox System

As the only North American agent for Cardox CO² non-detonating rock and concrete breaking systems, Force Vector Inc. technicians assist with the controlled breaking of reinforced concrete for many different types of infrastructure projects. Our highly trained blasting specialists understand the challenges of separating the tightly adhered concrete from its reinforcing grid, and have the knowledge and skill to apply Cardox CO² system technology to the demolition process without affecting the surrounding environment.

For this port improvement project, we demolished the 6,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete that was used to originally construct the pylons and landing. Through expert deployment of this non-detonating blasting technology, we were able to reduce the concrete to a pile of rubble and bent rebar without generating any harmful dust or noxious gasses that would disturb the delicate marine environment. In addition, activity around the jobsite could continue since Cardox CO² system does not generate any shock, vibration, or excessive noise.

The reliability, efficiency, and reusability of the Cardox CO² tubes provided the effective alternative to conventional or commercial explosives that would have cause a major disruption to port operations.

If you are interested in learning more about this project or how Cardox CO² systems can streamline and simplify your next concrete demolition project, contact us today.



Concrete Demolition for the Marine Industry Project Highlights

Project Type Demolition of 6000M3 Concrete without explosives
Industry Served Marine / Port Pylon and Landing Demolition
Location USA

Demolition of Concrete

Solution Force Vector Inc.’s High Pressure Concrete Breaking Systems
Benefits / Results
  • Concrete broken
  • Tubes can be recharged
  • Efficient Reliable
  • Cost-Effective
Products / Services Used Specialist/Technician
Additional Facts Safe alternative to conventional explosives without harm to marine life or environment.