Force Vector Inc. offers a unique configuration of tools and services to solve problems related to build-up & blockages within silos, bins, bunkers, rotary kilns and other process equipment as well as rock breaking and concrete demolition even in underwater environments.

Through further examination of the example projects below, you will find the ultimate solution backed by Force Vector’s 30+ years of industry experience.


Project Examples

excavation of granite Excavation of Hard Granite Using Cardox CO² System
Build-Up & Blockage Clearing of Bins and Silos Using the Cardox CO² System
Clearing of Build-Ups in Rotary Kiln Using Cardox CO² System
coal fired power generation plant Coal Bunker Build-Up & Blockage Clearing Using the Cardox CO² System
Concrete Demolition Using the Cardox System Concrete Demolition with the use of the Cardox CO² System