cardox vs. explosives comparisonThe Cardox CO² Non-Detonating Expansion System is an ideal alternative to conventional blasting explosives. Non-detonating, it is suitable for use in sensitive areas, and is field-proven to be effective for controlled breaking of reinforced concrete, hard rock excavating, tunneling and shaft sinking, and underwater demolition and excavation.

It produces no shock, vibration, dust or harmful gasses, and is suitable for use near existing structures and in populated areas were traditional blasting methods would not be tolerated

Safe to use in gaseous mines, Cardox CO² System is also used extensively in ore extraction and dimensional stone quarrying applications.

Cardox CO2 System

Conventional Explosives

Classified as a non-detonating gas expansion fracturing technology. Requires permits for blasting and on-site storage.
No permit is required for transportation.
ATF license required for usage.
Transport involves the logistical challenges and adherence to regulations associated with moving dangerous goods.
Safe and easy to use by trained personnel. Requires hiring of qualified and/or licensed blasting professionals and is extremely dangerous to work with.
Non-detonating, it generates no shock, vibration, or noise, and can be used in for sensitive area demolition and excavation. Generates significant noise, vibration, and shockwave that could potentially damage surrounding structures.
Minimal rock fly Personnel and equipment must be at least 500 m away.
Using only CO2 gas, it is safe, environmentally friendly, and gentle. Explosive blasts produce dust clouds and gaseous nitrate emissions that are harmful to people and the environment.
Instantaneous results allow immediate return to the work area. Complicated configuration of explosives and extensive work site preparation make progress slow.
There is no risk of igniting any gas or combustible materials in the vicinity. Spark can cause flammable gasses and materials to catch fire.
There is no pulverization of high value mining commodities – improving yield and fragmentation size. Explosives produce fines and dust, lowering recovery rates.
Cardox CO² tubes are reusable, and consumables can be easily and inexpensively stored on the jobsite. Operations are limited by materials on hand, and replenishment is time consuming and costly.