Clearing of Build-Ups in Rotary Kilns Using Cardox CO² System for the Pulp, Paper and Cement Manufactuing Industry

Force Vector Inc.’s Cardox CO² system is widely recognized as the most efficient and cost-effective method of clearing stubborn build-ups and blockages from rotary kilns. A rotary kiln is a device used to raise materials to a high temperature in a continuous process, and the material needs to be free-flowing and tumbling as it moves down the length of the drum. Material build-up on the drum walls can compromise processing throughput and significantly disrupt operations if not properly addressed.

Customers in the pulp and paper and cement manufacturing industries learned firsthand the benefits of our Cardox CO² high pressure blockage clearing system. Dispatched to their sites, our technicians prepared an action plan for clearing the stubborn ring build up inside the rotary kilns shown here. Since Cardox CO² systems can be used in high heat applications, there was no need for extended shutdown waiting for the equipment to cool. The fast and efficient process of deploying the tubes and initiating the gas expansion enabled our field crew to successfully clear the build up at controlled pressures that caused no damage to the refractory lining or weakening of the kiln walls.

Our field team was able to accomplish this monumental clearing task in one hour with minimal disruption to production. Compared to manual cleaning methods that what would have taken 5 days to complete and caused great interference to the processing line, the cost of deploying Cardox CO² system was nominal when weighted against what could have been significant downtime and production losses due to cool down time & reheat time after clearing

If you would like more information about this project or how Cardox CO² system controlled gas expansion technology can keep your rotary kilns turning at optimal capacity, contact us today.



Clearing of Ring Build-Ups in Rotary Kiln Project Highlights

Project Type Clearing of buildup in rotary kiln in a Cement Manufacturer & Pulp Mill
Industry Served Pulp and Paper, Cement Manufacturing
Location Worldwide
  • Ring formation buildup inside rotary kiln
  • Manual Clear Time total 5 days
  • Cool down time before manual clearing can be done
  • Heat up time after Clearing
Solution Force Vector Inc.’s Cardox CO² High Pressure Blockage Clearing System
Benefits / Results
  • Cleared build up in one hour
  • No shock waves or damaging vibration
  • No damage to refractory bricks
  • No weakening of the kiln
  • No lost time due to cool down and reheat up times
Products / Services Used Technicians / Specialists (Cardox CO² System Solution Action plan)
Additional Facts Cardox CO² System pays for itself due to, manual clear time is 5 days compared to the one hour for Cardox CO² tubes.