Build-Up & Blockage Clearing of Bins and Silos Using Cardox CO² System

In business for more than 30 years as a leading global provider of Cardox CO² non-detonating blasting systems, Force Vector, Inc. technicians have literally traveled the globe to free thousands of silos, feed mills, and hoppers from build-up of stubbornly adhered and tightly compacted materials that cause dangerous blockages and prevent the free flow of material in process streams.

A major advantage of Cardox CO² system is its ability to clear blockages and build up while your plant is running at full capacity. Cardox CO² tubes can be inserted through small sockets mounted onto the vessel wall or through inspection hatches around the silo. Orienting the concentrated CO² charge directly towards the blockage and away from the vessel avoids any possibility of damage. Most blockages can be cleared in hours, not days or weeks to keep plants running at peak capacity and avoiding costly downtime scenarios. Cardox CO² system tubes can be recharged and reused to provide a long term, cost-conscious solution for keeping process streams flowing freely.

The pictures shown here represent some of the many cement silos, raw feed mills, gypsum silos, ferrous sulphate silos, and aggregate hoppers that have been cleared of blockages and build up through use of the Cardox CO² system.

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Build-Up & Blockage Clearing Project Highlights

Project Type Build-Up & Blockage Clearing of Bins & Silos
Industry Served Cement Silos, Raw Feed Mills, Gypsum Silos, Ferrous Sulphate Silos, and Aggregate Hoppers
Location Illinois – Gypsum Hoppers- Castle Cement’s Raw Feed Mill – PT Semen Gresik, Holcim-ULCO Plant, Cement Silos- Lafarge and FDG Bunker( fine Dust and Gravel) – Buxton Cement & Lime Industries

Silo blockage and Build up

Solution Force Vector Inc.’s Cardox CO² High Pressure Build up & Blockage clearing system.
Benefits / Results
  • Effective in many silos Scenarios
  • Clearing Build ups & Blockage in just hours
  • Cost-Effective
Products / Services Used Technicians/specialists (Cardox CO² System Solution Action Plan)
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