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Series DNFF & DNFC Pneumatic Natural Frequency Feeders

The DECA pneumatic natural frequency feeders and conveyors Models DNFF and DNFC are designed to transport a wide range of materials over distances from 1 meter to 25 meters. The low frequency high amplitude operation is particularly suitable for conveying the normally difficult to move materials on vibratory equipment such as those with low density and large mass.

Due to the lower operating frequency, the troughs can be lighter and less rigid than conventional designs. Generally a simple ‘U’ shape design is all that is required using 16 gauge mild steel or stainless steel sheet. The troughs can be open or totally enclosed and are supported by special fiber glass leaf springs. These are chosen from a pre-selected range for each individual feeder or conveyor, thus ensuring that resonance occurs at the operating frequency.

The power required from the vibrator to drive the units at resonance is minimal and most economic in air consumption. The operating frequency of approximately 600 VPM is developed by the DECA pneumatic linear vibrator series POV. They are robust in construction and extremely quiet in operation. Adjustments to frequency and amplitude can be regulated independently.

Feeders Model DNFF can be supplied from 1 meter to 2 meters in length, free standing if used with a heavy base on rubber feet or for attaching directly to solidly fixed structures. See overleaf for standard range.

Conveyors Model DNFC are from 2 meters to 25 meters in length, up to 500 mm wide. These must be bolted firmly to the floor via a framework or angle supports. Other Sizes and DNFC models quoted on request.

Need efficient, long range conveyance of a wide range of materials? The DNFF and DNFC from Deca Vibrator are the perfect solution! These pneumatically powered, natural frequency feeders and conveyors are capable of moving materials across distances of over 25 meters. If your material is particularly hard to transport or you’ve had problems with other vibratory conveyors in the past, you need to take another look this solution. The combination of low frequency, and high amplitude produced by this range of vibratory feeders have been shown to effectively move even the most difficult materials.

About the Construction of Our Feeders

Another advantage created by the unique action of the DNFF/DNFC feeders is that the rigid, reinforced structure required by traditional designs is not needed. As an alternative, 16 gauge mild or stainless steel sheet is all that required to construct the trough of the feeder. Additionally, the trough construction is equally flexible. You’ll have your pick of open or totally enclosed. Whatever you choose, our specially designed fiberglass leaf springs will transmit power effectively from our drive system. Each leaf spring is carefully chosen and matched to your conveyor operating frequency to ensure that optimal performance. 

About the Drive System of Our Feeders

Minimal power is needed to provide resonance making the drive system extremely economic to operate. The drive system reaches about 600 VPM and is produced by the DECA POV series, pneumatic linear vibrator. These vibrators are chosen for their super durability and quiet operation. This drive system is also responsive. Independent adjustments can be made to both the frequency and the amplitude allowing the user to dial in performance to suit his or her individual needs.

Commonly Found Applications

  • Screening Powders
  • Separating Good and Rejected Product
  • Sorting Small Parts
  • Sizing or Orienting Produce
  • Metal Removal
  • Feeding Ingredients

A Word About Natural Frequency

Natural Frequency vibratory conveyors utilize a special design to create vibration via natural frequency. This specialized design ensures that material is moved smoothly and efficiently. Deca Vibrator feeders and conveyors are custom engineered system which is calibrated to make the system resonate at a predetermined frequency. The result is that the conveyor or feeder operates at or close to very close to its natural frequency. This reduces the horsepower requirements and creates even forces along the entire structure of the conveyor.

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Overall Dimensions


Y Frequency feeder drawing
A 250 mm
10 in
B 1,000 mm
39 in
C (Maximum) 250 mm
10 in
D 240 mm
9 in

Technical Data


Product Attributes

Air Usage (Max)

120 L/min 4.2 CFM

Linear Vibrator




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