DHFP 600-1400P Vibrator


Series P & C Pneumatic External High Frequency Roller

The external pneumatic vibrators have no electrical componentsThey are powered via air compressor that spins the rotors inside the vibrator at a very high speed (generally between 10,000 and 17,000 vpm), this generates a circular vibration that spreads in all directions. 

The optimum frequency varies depending on the dimensions of the aggregates: a low frequency (approximately 10,000 vpm) favors the vibration of large granules (pebbles and gravel), while a high frequency (approximately 20,000 vpm) favors the vibration of fine granules (sand, cement and others). They are used especially in the construction of concrete segments for tunnels, viaducts and bridges.

The pneumatic vibrators offered by DECA have a solid and durable body in ductile cast iron. They are characterized by high reliability and efficiency as well as it’s compact sizeJust like the electric vibrators, they may also be bolted or attached via quick-coupling clamps to formworks or molds for the purpose of easy movement.


  • Application: concrete formworks on site. Concrete molds in precast industry.
  • Working pressure: 6 bar
  • Air supply quality: class 5.4.4 or 5 Micron Filter
  • Working temperature: 14 degrees F + 140 degrees F (-10 degrees C + 60 degrees C)
  • Max noise level: 103 dB(A) * silent version DHFP 4001C: 90 dB(A) at 1 meter distance
  • Technology: Eccentric rotor
  • Materials: steel and cast iron
  • Finishing: painted yellow RAL 1007
  • Certifications: conformity verified according to the standard document UNI EN ISO 12100
  • Accesories: Fastening systemsL DCLW (clamp for wooden formworks) – DCLS (clamp for steel formworks) – DCRS (cradle for steel concrete molds)

Overall Dimensions


DHFP-A Series Drawing
A 4.37 in
B 8.66 in
C 7.09 in
D 7.09 in
E 6.46 in
F 0.79 in
H 2.36 in
IN 5/8" in
Weight 15.9 lb

Technical Data


Product Attributes



Force Applied


Power Source


Frequency (Max)

High - 16,500 (Max)



Air Consumption




Air Prep Required

Filter (5 Micron)-Regulator-Lubricator


Very Low - Occasional Vane Replacement

Force Output (Max)


Force Output Adjustment

Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation

General Applications

Precast & Prestressed Concrete, Flatwork, Concrete Pipe, Manholes & Culverts, Tunnels, Vibration Tables, Large Bins & Hoppers, Railcar Unloading

General Industries

Precast & Prestressed Concrete, Concrete Construction

Material in Tapered Portion of Bin (Max)



15.9 lbs

Product Industries

Product Applications