DEH 50 - 3D Sticker


Series DEH Electromagnetic Hammer (Cast Steel)

Deca’s Electromagnetic Hammers are the perfect solution for Bulk Material Handling Problems in Spray Dryers, Bins, Hoppers, Cyclones, etc. The Electromagnetic Hammers are great for applications where sticky, clinging, or fine materials adhere or build-up on the inner surface of the container wall. They are compact, maintenance-free, and operate better than any other hammering system on the market today.

Deca’s Electromagnetic Hammers consist of a stator and rotor, which are made out of high-grade strip lamination to minimize iron losses. There are two salient poles on the stator over which excitation coils are placed. When the hammer is excited by a short duration electrical pulse, the rotor takes the position of minimum resistance to the magnetic path. The part movement of the rotor shaft is directly transmitted to the hammer stroker. The stroker, in turn, hits the hopper with strong force and returns to its original position. The excitation of the hammer coil is controlled by an electronic controller. A control panel with a sequential timer is required for the operation of the hammering system. Design of the control panel depends on the model and number of hammers to be installed on the container.

If you have bulk material flow issues in your spray dryer, hopper or cyclone a Deca electromagnetic hammer is a fantastic solution. It’s designed to specifically address sticky, clingy or fine materials that remain on your container wall. They are compact and maintenance free operation.

DEH series electromagnetic hammers are a great way to address material flow issues in your bin, hopper, cyclone or spray dryer. In situations where operators are dealing with clingy, sticky or fine materials routinely build up on the inside of your container electromagnetic hammers can be tremendously effective. This hammering system is compact and requires no maintenance making it the best money can buy!

How it Works:

Deca’s Electromagnetic Hammers are designed with “stator and rotor” construction. When the hammer is activated with a short electric pulse the rotor shaft moves which is connected to a hammer stroker. The hammer stroker then contacts the bin wall with an efficient high force action.
If you are looking for a super low maintenance, compact impact hammer system then look no further. Pound for pound this system is the best in production today. The DEH Series of Electromagnetic Hammers from Deca Vibrator have become the solution of choice for thousands of the most respected companies in the world. That’s because they are ideal for solving the bulk material flow issues that creep up in equipment such as cyclones and spray dryers. They also work well to address backups on bin and hopper walls that result because of sticky, fine or humid product.

Electromagnetic Hammers Explained

  • Our Electromagnetic Hammers start out with a stator and rotor, what makes them special is that they utilize high quality components such as high-grade strip lamination. This helps reduce the loss of iron that occurs over the hammer’s lifetime. The next key components of our hammer are the salient poles on the stator. These poles are placed above corresponding excitation coils. When the hammer is charged by a short electric pulse, the rotor moves to a position where there is minimum magnetic resistance. This movement of the rotor causes the hammer stroker to move as they are mechanically connected. The stroker, hits the hopper and returns to its original position.
  • The action of the hammer coil is controlled by an electronic controller. As a result, the hammer does require the use of a control panel with a sequential timer to operate. Consult Deca for more information on the control panel as the design is related to the specific needs of your application.

Key Technical Specs:

  • Frequency: Consult Deca for Specifics
  • Vibrator Weight: From 13 to 49 lbs.
  • Power: Requires AC 2 phase 440 v power in either 50/60 Hz
  • Application: Useful on hopper walls from 2 mm thick to over 8 mm thick
  • Controller: Consult Deca for Specifics

Why Deca

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Overall Dimensions


Striking Cap and handle drawing
A 4.53 in
115 mm
B 4.53 in
115 mm
C 4.53 in
83 mm
D 3.54 in
902 mm
E 5.32 in
135 mm
F 4.33 in
110 mm
G 0.87 in
22 mm

Technical Data


Product Attributes


Electromagnetic Hammer

Force Applied

Linear Impacting (Hammer)

Power Source

Electric AC - 2 Phase 440 Volt 50/60 Hz

Frequency (Max)

Very Low - Adjustable Impacts/Min







Force Output (Max)

5.0 Lbs of Impact Force

Force Output Adjustment

Control Timer

General Applications

Removing Sticky Material from bin, silo, Hopper Walls Best used for Spray Dryer, Pipes, Weigh Hoppers, Cyclones,Dust Collectors & Non Storing Containers

General Industries


Material in Tapered Portion of Bin (Max)

For Wall Thickness Up to 2mm

Features & Benefits

  • Simulates Hammer Blows
  • Does Not Use Air
  • High Amplitude
  • Precise Control - Cast Steel Body


16 lbs

Product Industries

Product Applications