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C74 Buildup and Blockage

Build-Up & Blockage Clearing Systems Bin-Silos

Cardox is widely recognized as the most effective and reliable means of clearing build-ups and blockages…whether grain, flour, maize, soy, salt, sugar, DDG, cement, gypsum, coal, fertilizer, catalyst, ores, powders, etc. The powerful Cardox system provides the ultimate solution to clear even the most difficult of build-ups or blockages.

Cardox can be applied through small Sockets mounted onto the vessel wall or through inspection hatches around the silo or from access manhole on top of silo. Either way nobody need enter the vessel and Cardox tubes can be strategicaly placed to remove build-ups or blockages. Then discharged tubes can be removed and recharged for continued use. C74 Cardox tubes are tool of choice for bin, silo hopper and bunker application. Lower pressure, higher volume of instintaneous expanding directed pressure to clear build-ups & blockages.

Overall Dimensions

C74 Buildup and Blockage

c74 Socket cardox tube animation
Nominal Diameter 64 mm
2.5196 in
Length 1,093 mm
43.0313 in
Weight 16.82 kg
37.0817 lb

Technical Data

C74 Buildup and Blockage

Additional Information

With the “Safety” of the Cardox Bin/Silo/Bunker cleaning system combined with Force Vector’s and Facility Staff’s harmonized critical analyzation, implementation and monitoring, the Force Vector Inc, Cardox Build-up & Blockage Clearing solution is the safest, logical, cost affective solution.

Product Attributes


SD-200 , SD-250

Specific Applications

Larger bins, silo's, bunkers and vessels

CO2 Charge (lbs)


Shear Disk #

800-014, 800-015

Ruputure Pressure Tons/In²

8 12

Ruputure Pressure kg/cm²

1236 1854

Bore Hole Drill Bit size (inches)


Heater (Chemical Energizer)


Product Industries

Product Applications

C74 Buildup and Blockage