BA Series Bin Activators


Series BA Bin Activators

The three main types of flow problems when discharging from silos are: bridging, rat holing and segregation.

Shaking the container generally discharges the product, which may be difficult and dangerous when the container is a 200 ton silo. The solution to this problem is to shake the contents not the container.

Utilizing a flexible sleeve between the container, and placing a cone under the material, it is possible to shake the contents without shaking the container.

The BA-Bin Activators work by the application of vibrations to the cone which de-aerates the product. The product will bridge, and the bridge will be broken by the vibration. Flow is ensured but not regulated.

The BA-Bin Activators are required anywhere that it is essential to be sure the material is discharging from the silo.

The BA-Bin Activators have been manufactured since the 1980’s. Since then the equipment has exhibited excellent quality and performance features in thousands of applications all over the world. As a result, the current BA-Bin Activator models are the most technically advanced discharging devices for powders or granules from bins, silos or hoppers available on the market today. They offer some unique benefits to users in virtually all industries for a wide variety of installations. Introduced into an apparently simple piece of equipment, some significantly innovative design features further increase performance and reliability in operation.

Bin Activators are the perfect solution when dealing with large silos and hoppers. In this case, vibrating the bin itself is not only ill advised, it’s a real safety concern. Bin activators impart vibration directly to the material, and isolate the vibration from affecting the bin itself through the use of a flexible rubberized sleeve. Deca bin activators are the safe, effective option for anyone who wants to move material from a large bin.
A Word About Selecting a Bin Discharge

Because powder flow, and the application of flow aids is such a unique area of study, Deca recommends that you contact a specialist company to guide you through the selection process. It can’t be overstated that every application is unique. If you expect the best results, experience counts!
Generally speaking bin activators are utilized in any large silo where bridging is a concern. They are sized specifically to address the nature of the material flow issue taking care not to oversize the unit which carries serious risks of damage to people and property. Sometimes small or undersized units are utilized in cases where an additional or intermittent flow aid is all that is required. However, undersizing your bin activator can cause issues which include rat holing due to limited material activation. The corresponding material cascade will not only disrupt production but could cause damage to both the health of your workers and to your property.

Benefits of Deca Industrial Bin Activators

Extremely safe, secure connection with integrated upper and lower flange connection
No Weld Design
Easy installation

Available Options

Custom installation for silos made of aluminum
Large selection of drive motors
Deca can provide complimentary fluidization systems
Emergency slide gates
Negative pressure systems
Explosive environment versions available

Call Deca today to discuss your project with one of your material flow experts. They will walk you through the process of selecting the best solution for your needs!

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Overall Dimensions


Bin Activator Diagram
A 4 (102)
B 15 (380)
C 16.8 (427)
H 13 (330)
WEIGHT 130 (59)

Technical Data


Product Attributes


Bulk Solids Discharging Device


1.3 Ft (400 mm)

Power Source

Electric AC - 3 Phase 230/460 Volt 60 Hz or 230/400 Volt 50 Hz


Asynchronous three-phase Vibrating Motor with adjustable eccentric weights

Vibrator Qty.


Vibrator HP


Available Material of Construction

C.S., 304 & 316 S.S.


Additional material aeration device Discharge spout complete with emergency slide gate

General Applications

any application where it is essential to discharge material from a silo

General Industries

Flour Milling, Plastics, Feed Milling, Ceramics, Fertilizers, Glass, Chemicals


Heavy Duty, 360 degrees movement, No Large Size Vibrators Required


Manufactured from highly resistant engineering polymer SINT™ER: suitable for all applications OR FDA-Approved engineering polymer SINT™AL available


Convex deflector baffle plate, Conical deflector baffle plate with 15 ° - 30 ° - 45 ° - 60 ° angle

Product Industries

Product Applications