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B20 – Civil

Concrete Demolition and Rock Excavation

Cardox can quickly remove blockages and buildups and restore plant production to optimum levels… with no need to sit through an extended shut down while the equipment cools. Cardox can be used in ALL areas of the processing lines at operating temperatures. Unlike air blasters where cement plants complain of ineffectiveness and report losses of efficiency of up to 75%, using Cardox there result is NO loss in efficiency! Each time you use a Cardox Tube you are guaranteed maximum pressure to remove the build-up and with tubes having a working life of over 15 years, maximum efficiency is achieved over that period. With a safe and powerful carbon dioxide blast, one quick Cardox Tube can remove tons of build up. Three or four Tubes and you’re back up to running at full capacity, with little, or no down time, no added cost and no time to come back up to full temperature. The use of the Cardox F57 model is recommended unit for rotary kiln applications.

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Overall Dimensions

B20 – Civil

Under water excavation civils quarrying mining system
Nominal Diameter 1.854 in
Length 21.45 in
Weight 12.01 lbs

Technical Data

B20 – Civil

Additional Information

When energized by the application of low voltage electrical charge, the chemical heater instantly converts the liquid carbon dioxide to gas. The electrical charge applied to the chemical heater and the expansion of liquid carbon dioxide into a gas all occurs within the Cardox tube. Subsequently, there is “no chance of sparks or creation of combustible set of events” in the environment in which the Cardox tube is placed. The conversion expands the liquid CO2 volume and builds up pressure inside the tube until it causes the rupture disk at the end of the tube to burst. This releases the CO2 – now 600 times its original volume – through a special discharge nozzle to create a powerful heaving directable force, at up to 40,000psi (3,000 bar).

This all takes milliseconds.

Carbon Dioxide is an inert gas that is commonly used in fire extinguishers, so it is “safe” to use without fear of generating secondary reaction with gases/dust within the silo/bin or bunker. In addition, the quick release of the gas refrigerates the discharge, and brings it to a temperature low enough to avoid ignition of air-gas-dust mixtures within the blocked vessel.

Product Attributes


SD-75 , SD100 , SD150

Specific Applications

"Coal/Ore Mining. Quarry,Tunnelling & Trenching. Large scale excavation of rock. Reinforced/Mass Concrete"


12.01 lbs

CO2 Charge (lbs)


Shear Disk #

800-007 , 800-008 , 800-009

Ruputure Pressure Tons/In²

9 12 15

Ruputure Pressure kg/cm²

1390 1854 2320

Bore Hole Drill Bit size (inches)


Heater (Chemical Energizer)


Product Industries

Product Applications

B20 – Civil