A cartoon picture of Deca's Air-Slide product. The picture is showing how material would flow through the product


Air-Slide Flow-Aid Solution

Guaranteed Material Flow 

Controlled Flow for Organics & More 

For severe flow problems the Deca Air-Slide Flow-Aid System is the ultimate material flow problem solver.


Engineered to create and maintain material flow while eliminating sticky & tacky build-up, arching, rat holes, and blockages.

The Deca Air-Slide Flow-Aid System promotes and maintains material flow of dry, moist, hydroscopic, dense or entangled materials in any manufacturing or production process or environment, whether you’re working in pharmaceutical and food to pulp & paper, metals & minerals and chemical processing, in any type of container made from metal, plastic, fiberglass, concrete, or wood.

By strategically placing multiple  Deca Air-Slide units throughout your container, blasts of air keep the material flowing in a downward direction.

On a timed cycle, a powerful blast of air pushes open the one moving part, the piston, releasing the air in a 360 degree pattern along the inner surface of the container wall, lifting and moving the material off the wall. This piston, along with the housing and all other components, are made of high grade machined steel, ensuring reliable and trouble-free performance for years to come.

 Deca Air-slide Flow Aid Solution


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Deca guarantees 100% performance of all installations when our engineer’s recommendations are followed.

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Overall Dimensions


A 16
B 10.75

Technical Data


Product Attributes





Power Source


Air Pressure (Max)

90 PSI

Air Usage Per Firing (Max)

2.2 C.F.

Solenoid Size


Available Material of Construction

C.S., 304 & 316 S.S.





General Applications

Guaranteed Flow Solution for Any Fine, Sticky, Moist, Entangled Powder or Granular Materials

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates Material Adhesion to the vessel wall, Only one moving part, Non-Destructive to vessel wall, Manufactured from high grade machined steel.

Product Industries

Product Applications