Blockage Clearing for Rotary Kilns and High Heat Applications (4 Products)

Blockage clearing for rotary kilns and high heat applications

Force Vector is a sister company to Deca Vibrator, providing complementary products and services to our bulk material handling solutions.

In cement and other manufacturing plants, the Cardox CO² System is the most efficient and cost effective method of clearing build-up and blockages in preheaters, cyclones, inlet chambers, riser ducts, feed pipes, rotary kilns, raw feed mills, precalciners, coolers and anywhere in the plant’s processing line.

Cardox can quickly remove blockages and buildups and restore plant production to optimum levels, with no need to sit through an extended shut down while the equipment cools. Cardox can be used in all areas of the processing lines at operating temperatures. Unlike air blasters where cement plants complain of ineffectiveness and report losses of efficiency of up to 75%, using Cardox the result is no loss in efficiency. 

Each time you use a Cardox Tube, you can expect maximum pressure to remove the build-up, and with tubes having a working life of over 15 years, maximum efficiency can be sustained for that long as well.

The Cardox F57 model is the recommended unit for rotary kiln applications.

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Product Table

Item #
CO2 Charge (lbs)
Shear Disk #
Ruputure Pressure Tons/In²
Bore Hole Drill Bit size (inches)
Heater (Chemical Energizer)
SD-75 , SD-100 , SD-150
800-007 , 800-008 , 800-009
9 12 15
D 77.5
SD-75 , SD-100 , SD-150
800-007 , 800-008 , 800-009
9 12 15
SD-300 , SD-350 , SD370 , SD-390
800-010, 800-011, 800-012, 800-013
8 12 15 17.5
SD-300 , SD350 , SD-370
800-010, 800-011, 800-012
8 12 15

Product Application

Applications of the Cardox System

Our technologically advanced Cardox CO² System is highly capable of effectively removing build-ups at operating temperatures in your preheaters and rotary kilns fast, efficient and safe so there is no need to shut down your operation.

There is also no more human exposure to the dangers associated with conventional methods such as high pressure water jetting.

  • Preheaters

  • Cyclones
  • Inlet Chambers
  • Coolers
  • Feed Pipes
  • Rotary Kilns
  • Precalciners
  • Riser Ducts
  • Raw Feed Mills- Thermal Oxidizers

With a safe and powerful carbon dioxide blast, one quick Cardox Tube can remove tons of build up. Three or four Tubes and you’re back up to running at full capacity, with little or no down time, no added cost and no time to come back up to full temperature.

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