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Precast - Prestressed Concrete Material handling Solutions

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. offers pneumatic piston vibration tools as well as complete radio-controlled vibration systems capable of producing top-quality precast, prestressed concrete. Just as the name suggests, precast concrete is cast to your exact project specifications before arriving at the job site.

Unlike traditional cast-in-place concrete that’s cured out in the open onsite, precast cures in a controlled and contaminant-free environment for greater control over the process. This yields improved results and numerous operating advantages.

Pre-casting concrete makes it possible to also pre-stress the slabs you produce to enhance force compression and eliminate tension that causes cracking and diminished design strength. The process involves curing the concrete around strands of steel which are released as the compound hardens for improved compression.

Since the slab has already been "stressed," it takes on the properties of high-strength concrete under compression forces and high-strength steel when subjected to tension forces.

Applications and advantages of precast, pre-stressed concrete

By choosing precast, pre-stressed concrete vibrators from Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc., construction managers and contractors can arrange for delivery of building materials at the optimal time based on production schedules. Not having to cast the concrete slabs onsite means less space and storage requirements and faster cycle times.

Pre-stressed concrete also provides enhanced force compression and improved structural capacity for a longer-lasting and more reliable building material.

The exceptional design strength and flexibility of precast, pre-stressed concrete makes it a versatile option in a broad range of applications. This type of concrete is architecturally capable of creating longer spans, such as in bridges and dams and large commercial buildings and civil facilities.

Because it’s thinner than traditional concrete and requires less support, precast concrete is also a cost-effective solution that lowers material costs in building high-rise structures.

Additional applications range from slabs, foundations and pavements to tanks, silos and energy facilities.


Innovative precast and pre-stressed concrete vibrators

Since 1980, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. has been producing industrial vibrator solutions that improve quality and maximize efficiency.

Our vibration systems for the precast and pre-stressed industry effectively remove trapped air and compact and consolidate concrete. We take a consultative approach that covers all of your critical factors to deliver solutions customized to your unique requirement.  As the original manufacturer of many types of precast, pre-stressed concrete vibrators, we’re able to control the quality and the cost of the equipment we sell.

When you partner with us, you’ll benefit from:

• Products and materials designed and engineered by skilled craftsmen
• Customer service and 24-hour support dedicated to your satisfaction
• 100 percent performance guarantee when setup recommendations are followed
• Expert advice selecting and implementing vibrator equipment

Let Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. develop a low-cost concrete vibrator for your precast, pre-stressed applications. Contact us to speak with a knowledgeable representative about your projects today.