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From maintaining grade and quality to resource management and adhering to regulations, mining and quarry businesses face many challenges to remain competitive. With surface and underground operations ranging in size, volume, materials and environments worldwide, it’s critical to find bulk material flow solutions capable of increasing safety and productivity while lowering long-term operating costs.

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. is recognized throughout the industry for our expertise and superior practical knowledge of industrial vibrators and related material handling systems. Our equipment improves load retention and eliminate backups due to arching, bridging, rat holing, plugging or compaction within chutes, pipes, hoppers or other storage vessels.


industrial vibrators for mining and quarry bulk material flow

When aggregates, metals, coal and other materials spill out when traveling along conveyor systems or get stuck, it means a loss of profits due to material waste and costly downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. provides a range of equipment for efficiently moving materials from the mine or quarry to the plant for processing. Our customized vibrators and air flow aids can operate in wet and dry environments and the dustiest and dirtiest conditions and lasts several years longer on average than the competition.

We take a consultative approach in helping you determine the best options for mining and quarrying bulk material processing, which include: 

Pneumatic Vibrators

Our Pneumatic Vibrators are rugged and durable enough for the demands of mining and quarry work with the versatility to improve material flow in a variety of applications. 


Material flow Aid

Material Flow Aid Air Cannons that prevent blockages and build up on the walls of hoppers, bins and reducing manual labor requirements and clean up expenses.

Railcar Vibrators

Special vibrators that agitate and loosen hard-to-flow materials subject to compaction from settling during transportation. They also target larger angular shaped particles that tend to wedge together for more efficient offloading.

Keep mining and quarrying operations running smoothly with deca's bulk material flow handling equipment

Since 1980, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. has been delivering effective material flow solutions that contribute to a safer, cleaner and more productive work environment.

We offer a 100% performance guarantee — as long as set up recommendations are followed — and we’re 100% committed to customer service with dedicated customer support after the handshake.

Experience the value of partnering with an industry leader capable of engineering a solution customized to your unique applications. Call us toll-free at (866) 384-3788 or write to for more information on our mining and quarrying vibrators. Schedule your consultation today.