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Deca Vibrator Industry Applications

Deca Vibrator manufactures and distributes bulk material handling and vibration equipment for dozens of industries worlwide. Whether you're working in pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete production, aggregate material handling, or even biotech and pharmaceuticals, our engineers can design solutions gauranteed for your application when set up, install and maintenance instructions are adhered to.

Some of the industries we specialize in are covered more in depth below. Contact Deca Vibrator today to discuss industrial vibration applications for your industry.


Your aggregate and quarry operation focuses on maximizing ton-for-ton production while improving worker safety. Our aggregate material processing solutions can help you do everything from moving a variety of different materials through the conveyor system with greater speed and increased load retention to keeping your critical plant equipment clean to reduce downtime for maintenance and repairs.


Biomass and Pharmaceuticals

Whether you need a more efficient way to transport fine and moist pharmaceutical ingredients that tend to stick to chutes, hoppers and containers or want to eliminate excess dust caused by biomass processing applications involving ash byproducts, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. can produce a cost-effective solution suited to your requirements.


Cement and Concrete

In the competitive cement and concrete industries, productivity relies on how fast and efficiently you can move materials through your plant while maintaining safety and quality.


Pre-cast and Pre-stressed Concrete

Get the strength and reliability of pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete when you incorporate gauranteed industrial strength vibration into your production system. 


Coal Material Processing and Handling

Keeping materials moving smoothly and efficiently from the mine to the plant and through processing is the foundation of a profitable coal mining operation. Work stoppages for maintenance and repairs and material loss due to fugitive spills and dust are among the leading challenges in coal mining material handling.


Power Generation/Energy Supply

Energy supply production is a demanding industry relied on to power our homes, businesses and communities. Industrial vibrators for power generation and related bulk material handling products are critical to keeping your conveyors moving and ensuring materials such as coal and limestone travel through your system with efficiency.



Fertilizer production is a highly competitive industry serving agriculture operations around the world. Having bulk material handling equipment designed for the unique complexities of producing fertilizer has a major impact on profitability. Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. engineers, manufactures and distributes fertilizer vibrators and related equipment that helps maximize productivity and lower long-term operating costs.


Feed and Grain

Grain and feed ingredient manufacturers are under increased pressure to ramp up productivity while improving quality and safety. Bulk material handling equipment such as feed vibrators, vibratory feeders and flow aids from Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. can help you solve your application challenges.


Food and Beverage

Processing food and beverages involves a variety of material handling and transportation challenges. Whether you’re searching for ways to improve retention of ingredients traveling along complex conveyor systems throughout your plant or food and beverage equipment to prevent settling of materials in storage or transit, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. offers a range of cost-effective solutions.


Mining and Quarrying

From maintaining grade and quality to resource management and adhering to regulations, mining and quarry businesses face many challenges to remain competitive. With surface and underground operations ranging in size, volume, materials and environments worldwide, it’s critical to find bulk material flow solutions capable of increasing safety and productivity while lowering long-term operating costs.


Oil and Gas

Oil and gas drilling typically takes place in rugged and remote environments and offshore locations involving many applications that call for customized solutions.


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