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Processing food and beverages involves a variety of material handling and transportation challenges. Whether you’re searching for ways to improve retention of ingredients traveling along complex conveyor systems throughout your plant or food and beverage equipment to prevent settling of materials in storage or transit, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. offers a range of cost-effective solutions.

Our products prevent blockages and material build-up in a variety of applications, speeding up the material flow and supporting a safer work environment over a long and productive service life.


industrial vibrators for food and beverage processing

Any industry that relies on moving powdered, granular and solid materials is bound to experience bridging, arching, rat holing and plugging that create backups that impact productivity. From moist materials sticking to belts to build up around rolling components requiring stoppage for maintenance and repairs, our experienced representatives will assist in identifying the products suited to your requirements.

Our vibrators for the food and beverage industry can be configured for intermittent or continuous duty cycles, indoor or outdoor use, on mobile equipment and in wash down environments.

When you partner with us, you benefit from an experienced consultation from a representative who understands the unique challenges of your industry. 

Food and Beverage Equipment to Prevent Settling

When ingredients and raw materials are stored and transported in bins, chutes, pipes, hoppers, silos and handling vessels, compaction often occurs.

Caked-on materials, clumping, build-ups and blockages are the enemy of efficiency, slowing down processes, causing damage to equipment and increasing maintenance costs.

Fortunately, Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. provides a broad range of food and beverage equipment to prevent settling including:


Stainless Steel Vibrators 

Stainless steel vibrators provide clean, safe and reliable material handling for food and beverage processing.

Impactors and Hammers

These hammers simulate manual hammer blows to loosen and dislodge materials in hard to reach places in bulk handling vessels.

Air-Slide Flow Aid System

such as air cannons the improve discharge efficiency from silos and hoppers by eliminating bridging and blockages. These alternative material flow aids are versatile enough to handle a variety of application conditions more efficiently than conventional grain and feed vibrators.

Bin and silo cleaning

Our bin and silo cleaning equipment is a controlled, pinpoint method for combating blockages without damaging sensitive food and beverage processing equipment or exposing workers to potentially harmful elements or dangerous conditions.


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We stand behind our products with a 100% guarantee — as long as set-up and maintenance recommendations are adhered to. We also offer dedicated customer service and ongoing support to ensure your total satisfaction.