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Fertilizer vibrators & bulk material Flow solutionsBulk Fertilizer Storage and Processing

Fertilizer production is a highly competitive industry serving agriculture operations around the world. Having bulk material handling equipment designed for the unique complexities of producing fertilizer has a major impact on profitability.

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. engineers, manufactures and distributes fertilizer vibrators and related equipment that helps maximize productivity and lower long-term operating costs. 

Vibrators to prevent fertilizer Settling

Moving the three main ingredients in fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, through the many stages of processing is not without its challenges. Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. offers vibrators to prevent fertilizer settling during storage and transportation.

Whether you need flow equipment to combat blockage problems resulting from a material buildup or fertilizer vibrators that ensure more efficient transfers, we’ll work with you to identify a solution suited to your particular situation.

products commonly used in the fertilizer industry

Electric and pneumatic industrial vibrators

Prevent fertilizer settling with high-frequency models used in applications with fine powders and granular materials and stainless steel housings that withstand frequent wash downs and harsh environments.

Explosion Proof Vibrators

Explosion-proof industrial vibrators provide secure and consistent operation even under hazardous conditions.

Bin and silo cleaning

A safer and more cost-effective method to remove stubborn blockages, residues, build-ups to restore material flow and avoid downtime due to cleanup and unplanned maintenance.

electric and pneumatic impactors and hammers

Used to dislodge the most stubborn, sticky, caked-on materials from the sidewalls of bins, hoppers, dust collectors and other handling vessels.

fertilizer vibrators tailored to your specifications

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. takes a personalized approach to meeting the needs of each of our clients. Our knowledgeable team provides an experienced consultation to find cost-effective and long-lasting solutions customized to your requirements. All our fertilizer vibrators and bulk material flow equipment solutions come with a 100% performance guarantee — under the provision recommended set up instructions are followed. They’re also backed by the best customer service and support in the industry.

Let our leadership in engineering and manufacturing help unlock the full potential of your operation. Call us today at (866) 384-3788, or write to to learn more about how our vibrators prevent fertilizer settling for more efficient material handling and flow.