Excavation of Hard Granite Using Cardox CO² System for the Construction Industry

excavation of graniteForce Vector Inc.’s non-detonating Cardox CO² gas expansion fracturing systems provide a safe and effective solution for sensitive area demolition and excavation. Our technicians traveled to a construction site in New Hampshire to assist with an excavation project in a town bustling with busy roads, shops, and office buildings, surrounded by an active residential area. Illustrating the nickname of the “Granite State,” there were large deposits of this hard material that had to be removed to make way for a new roadway to provide access to a new Pizza Hut and Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru.

Traditional explosives were not considered because of concern that the underground springs and wells sitting below the granite would be contaminated, and the shock, noise, vibration, and dust generated would be intolerable to the surrounding community. The considerable duration, expense, and continuous high decibel noise associated with hydraulic rock breaking dismissed that as an alternative. Our Cardox CO² high pressure rock breaking system provided the clearly superior solution.

Reusable, non-flammable, and non-toxic Cardox CO² system controlled gas expansion rock breaking technology allowed for the targeted fracturing required to peel away the hard granite. By carefully calculating the pattern, spacing, and depth of tube placement as well as the required pressures, we completed the excavation without any disturbance to the surrounding environment, structures, or population. All the customer had to supply was 75 gallon tanks of liquid carbon dioxide and air supply of 100 psi @ 60 scfm to recharge the tubes.

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Excavation of Hard Granite Project Highlights

Project TypeRock Breaking of hard granite to accommodate a new road for access to a new Pizza Hut & Dunkin Donuts drive thru.
Industry ServedConstruction Industry, Site Prep, and Civil
LocationMerrimack, New Hampshire, USA
ProblemTo gain access to a new Pizza Hut & Dunkin Donuts drive- thru.

  • Explosives were not considered since beneath the site was an underground spring and wells.
  • Busy roads, shops, offices and houses surrounded the site.
  • Hydraulic Rock Breaks would take considerable amount of time and cost
SolutionForce Vector Inc.’s Cardox CO² High Pressure Rock Breaking System
Benefits / Results
  • Requires fewer holes than conventional methods and produces less dust.
  • No shock waves or damaging Vibration
  • Easily peels away the hard granite at approximately 4 meters deep
  • Requires no free edge
Products / Services UsedTechnicians / Specialists (Cardox CO² Solution Action plan)
Additional FactsCustomer supplies 75 gallon tanks of liquid carbon dioxide and house air of at least 100psi @ 60 scfm