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Material Flow Solutions for the Energy IndustryCoal Processing Equipment

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Energy supply production is a demanding industry relied on to power our homes, businesses and communities. Industrial vibrators for power generation and related bulk material handling products are critical to keeping your conveyors moving and ensuring materials such as coal and limestone travel through your system with efficiency.

Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. has been delivering cost-effective material flow solutions since 1980, and we can help you find the high-efficiency vibrators for power generation you require to maximize profitability.


Industrial Vibrators for Power Generation Applications

There are many bulk material handling challenges in power generation that must be overcome to maximize productivity. You need equipment capable of standing up to rugged environments and capable of high volume productivity without work stoppages due to breakdowns and unplanned maintenance. 

Whether you need a solution for eliminating waste when unloading hopper cars that discharge from the bottom or a vibratory feeder designed to speed up throughput and reduce spill off, we offer a diverse range of vibrators for energy supply production, as well as bin and silo cleaning solutions and material flow aids.


Featured Material Handling Products in Energy Production include:

Air Slide Flow Aid System

Providing coordinated blasts of air that keep energy supply bulk materials flowing in a downward direction in a variety of bins and storage vessels. 

Pneumatic Vibrators

Fight's compaction, reduces fugitive dust and keeps materials flowing through your system without getting stuck or spilling off.

Electric Vibrators

Mount outside of chutes, bins, pipes and silos to speed up the discharge process and ensure complete emptying of materials.

Material flow Aides

Prevents blockages and removes caked-on materials, residues and build-up for lower maintenance requirements and less downtime. 

Clear the Way to productivity with High-Efficiency Vibrators for Power Generation

When you partner with Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. for your bulk material handling needs, we provide an experienced consultation to help identify the most efficient solutions. We offer a 100% performance guarantee, granted set-up and maintenance recommendations are adhered to, and are committed to customer satisfaction with available dedicated service and support. Each client receives our personalized attention and a custom solution that completely solves your material flow challenges.