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Coal Mining and handling

Keeping materials moving smoothly and efficiently from the mine to the plant and through processing is the foundation of a profitable coal mining operation. Work stoppages for maintenance and repairs and material loss due to fugitive spills and dust are among the leading challenges in coal mining material handling.


At Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. we offer a variety of durable, long-lasting bulk material handling and work flow solutions for coal material processing that maximize throughput and retention.Coal Raw Material Processing


Innovative Vibrators for Coal Mining Applications

We call on more than 35 years of experience and industry expertise to engineer and manufacture material flow aids for the coal mining industry. Our selection of vibrators for coal mining applications is available for underground and surface mining material handling and processing.

Whether you need equipment for more efficient offloading of materials or a conveyor belt that reduces carryback and spillage, our experienced representatives will assist in identifying the coal material processing solutions suited to your requirements. 

Recommended Coal Mining Material handling Equipment Includes:

Explosion Proof Vibrators

These vibrators are an effective and reliable way to keep materials moving safely through hazardous locations.

Railcar Vibrators

These activators shake the contents rather than the container in sensitive and precise applications involving powdered chemicals with explosive-environment versions available. Butterfly valves offer a low cost, lightweight design that makes it easier to control the flow of powders and granules found in both pharmaceuticals and biomass processing. 

Deca Air Slide

For severe flow problems in coal mining operations, the Deca Air Slide Flow Aid Solution is the ultimate problem solver.


Contact the experts in coal mining material handling

There’s value in choosing a material flow equipment manufacturer and distributor dedicated to exceptional customer service and after-sale support. Our solutions for keeping your coal industry materials and conveyors moving are designed to last longer than the competition with less downtime for maintenance and repairs. We stand behind our vibrators for coal mining applications with a 100% guarantee provided set up maintenance recommendations are adhered to.

We’re able to solve your problems because we understand your industry and take the time to provide an expert consultation to get to know your unique specifications. Contact us by calling (866) 384-3788 or write to to request assistance from a live representative.